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I wonder what are your returns now.

Originally Posted by Wizness View Post
I'm in for the long term. Gonna hold at least 2-3 years and see what happens. Never know.
01-23-2018 BTC Close Price was 10,868.40. Today's Close Price, 37,533.59.

Originally Posted by Tripletime View Post
Not too sure but I do know that I'm up 150%. Already took out my initial investment so the rest is playing with gains. I have a little over 2 BTC that I'm holding long term. At least 2-3 years to see what happens.

I agree that it's gambling for most folks but then again, so is the traditional market if you're playing the market doing short term trades. I'm just going to listen to my son.
Even when the crypto market took this downturn, my son made another 100k... but then again, he's on another level when it comes to knowledge in this market.

Good news for everyone though is that the stock market is also doing great. My 403b is doing fantastic!
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