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Your askin, so heres my .02 - .07 cents

Lots of good replies being made... read them all and take something from each one... I'm learn'n more all the time about verticle jigg'n....I love it...

The following is just my view, which dont mean a thing other than to me

that 800 gr rod you have should be a stiff heavy duty booger im guessing. I think you could catch about a big a yellow fin as you would like with it....

I dont go (yet) yellow fin fishin. I stay between Surfside jetties and the Tequilla rig and most of the time about 15 miles closer in than that.

I too have Sea Majic rods.

I have 3 sea majics I have gotten over time from Chris. The first one I got broke and Chris kindly replaced it with his rod warranty. Hes a good guy.

The rods I personally that I jig with are--

200 g Sea Majic spinning rod for braided line 65#-150#---this ones pretty darn limber about half way down, just like the Japeneese Youtube jiggers have. Feels good tho..

350-450g Sea Majic spinning rod spinning rod----a good fast rod

550-650g Sea Majic conventional rod for 80#-250# braid... ---starting to really stiffen up unless a heavier lure is used.. tough rod and really lite in weight..

And I still have my original spinning rod that I've tinkered with and finally got "the feel" and action right for me. Has heck of a back bone too...

I call it "my poor mans Japanese jiggin pole"
Its a Penn Power Stick and the description on it says
PS 4811 ML 7'
Med. light Action 3/8-1 1/4 oz Lure
12-30# line
But, the rod is now had the rod tip cut down a inch at a time to 71" for working 10 oz jigs rather than the 84" it started as.....It has real decent guides. I have 80 lb braid on it

Those are the 4 I call my "jigg'n rods" I usually now days use the Penn as my "Ling Ready" Rod.

You might say "you have to many choices" well, in defense, all the sea majics were presents for either xmas's or birthdays...given to me...im sure not gonna tell the giver, no, i dont want that

Three of these rods unintentionally, have brought to the boat Sharks I estimate at close to-if not more than 200 Lb.'s. The only one that has not brought to the boat something that big is the 200g spinner. I would say the two largest things Ive caught with that one would be a 35# warsaw and a 50# AJ.

I had the same delima when I started my verticle jigg'n addiction 4 forth of Julys ago. What pole to use? (I wont even get started on reels )

First, I tried to figure out, for my style of fishing, what weight of verticle jigs do I personally like to use 90% of the time.. YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WEIGHT LURES YOU LIKE and fit the pole/action desired to the jig...JMO

Well, I came up with 8 oz and 10 oz for the depth of water I normally fish... which is less than 190' but more than 120' 99% of the time..

Next came, how big a fish do I think Im gonna catch mostly? I came up with less than 100 lbs.

I did a little searching on the net and figured out weights of lures in pounds since thats how I was taught

I found that 500 g = 1.10231 lb or 17.63 oz

250 g = 0.551155 lb OR 8.81 oz

285 g = 0.628317 lb OR 10.05 oz
conversion table if interested

So, with that in mind ?G = ? oz thats how I determined what rod or rods to get.
I tried to match the rod Gram size with the gram (in USA oz's) of the lure I was going to be using...

Hope that all makes sense...

So, to be perfectly honest, the rod that I have that does the absolute wonderful lure working on a fast jap jigging style for a 6 or 8 oz verticle jig is the 200G spinning rod... Lots of medium action movement like you see on the youtube videos.. Ive bent this one in basically a U that actually kinda made me nervous some... but, it got those AJ's in...

The one I use the most is the next one up which is the 350-450g spinning rod. If I put an 8oz jig on this, it doesnt have near the flex movement at the tip as the smaller rod, sorta feels a bit stiff with an 8oz. But, I've learned to work it pretty good fast and it works wonderful for a slow bounce presentation... but, if I put a 10oz-12 oz jig on the rod, it will jig real close feel wize to the previous rod mentiond. Really tough rod...

Last, is the conventional rod. I mainly use this one for slow bouncing the bottom and use it if Im after a bigger type fish that I really dont want to try and pull in with a spinning reel out fit... All I can say is this is one tough rod...

On the bottom two rods, Ive had them both where there is 80# braid on them and me and another person both pulling on the rod and thumbing/holding the line so no drag would go out trying to get a fish up...

I know I've been long an wordy (I get that ways sometime) But, after all this of you reading and me writing---heres my suggestion.....go over to see Chris in Texas City, tell him the rod you have is to stiff for you and let him see if he can working something out to find a rod you'd be happier with. Im not saying he will give you a new one on trade, but, maybe he will make you a good deal on one more close to what your wanting... I will also toot Chris's horn on his rod warrentys..... Hes done me good the one time I needed him for that... Great service and just a good fella...

All this is just my opinon.

Theres lots of wonderful jigging rods out there a person can buy and all are great im sure in their own right...and everyone one has their favorites. Some folks like Fords and Some like Chevys etc.. The sea majic was the ones I could afford to get and they have worked great for me so far... Are they the best? I dont know, If I had my choice of any and money was not the object, I would probably get one of those JM jigging master rods from japan..

My next rod experience will be one that I build or have someone help me build. I found the kits in the mud hole rod products book for about $90. I guess that will be my next birthday present

Best of luck with what ever rod you end up liking.....theres lots of good'ns out there...

Im off to catch piggys for our trip tomorrow

Wishin you all tight lines, heavy stringers and safe trips this weekend


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