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Coastal Outfitters, it sounds like you are pretty knowledgeable on the matter. What is the federal CFR, USC, or federal regulation citation number? It makes sense because the guys that we have heard about getting the tickets from the federal PWD have been on the far north end of the lake near the national forest. Is the federal threshold 90 decibels? May be this is what they are referring to? If so, that would leave the rest of the lake for us to enjoy?

Has anyone been cited by the federal PWD for this violation on Lake Conroe or stopped by the TPWD and received a warning or a citation for this? What did they cite you for? What did they tell you? Has anyone heard of a county ordinance on this?

My friend’s boat is really quiet at idle and probably only exceeds the 90 decibels initially to get the fans going but then it gets pretty quiet.

I have to admit that I probably make more noise than that when I actually connect with a fish…
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