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Before you go and order 8 surface lures it would be a good idea to find out what weight of lure is optimum for your set up. The rod, reel, line, type of leader, weight of the lure and your proficiency all have an effect on casting distance. There is nothing worse than when the boats positions to allow casting and your lure plops into the water halfway to where it should be.

If you have a buddy that has different style lures in various weight ranges that will let you try them out, it would make it easy for you to order the right weight of lures for your set up. Some lures of the same weight will cast better than another of a different brand. Your testing should be done with completed modifications to hooks, rings etc. You also need to make sure that any of your mods to the lures doesn't adversely affect their action.

I don't think it gets any better than having a fish blow up on your surface lure. Good luck and tight lines to you.

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