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sleepersilverado 04-28-2015 09:52 PM

A different kind of smoker build
I have been wanting to build a smoker for a while. Actually have a big traditional horizontal pipe one that is about 75% complete from years ago but it is just too big. After seeing the vertical cabinet type smokers more often I have taken a liking to them. Jtburf on here build a gravity fed one a while back and the design intrigued me. So in typical fashion I decided to take that design and put my own twist on it. I was curious about a reverse flow with the vertical smoker. Through research there is not a bunch of info out there, but there is a company that does them and has for a long time.

So this is going to be a gravity fed reverse flow vertical/cabinet smoker. Normally I sit down and put together a decent drawing but not this time.

Yes this is totally crazy but I had some 5/8" plate laying around so decided I would use that for the fire box. Rather than grinding bevels all day I decided to cheat and overlap the corners to create a fillet weld scenario. Made the box rectangle but harms nothing.

sleepersilverado 04-30-2015 09:49 PM

After the fire box was welded out I made the shoot. Pretty simple concept, take the bottom measurement and subtract 2" so it is a reverse funnel. I had some 3/16" plate laying around and used that for the shoot. This is welded out 100% so that the shoot is air tight.

sleepersilverado 05-02-2015 10:34 PM

A different kind of smoker build
Needed a transfer tube but did not have any 4x6 tube. Had some 1/4" plate laying around so I made one. Tried to do a spray ark technique but ended up with some undercutting.
I originally had the brilliant idea to drill holes to create a screen to keep the charcoal out of the transfer tube. I don't know what I was thinking and decided to cut slits with my torch. Built a jig to guide the torch at a 15* angle and started cutting. What I was doing looked like hammered hell so I had to come up with a 3rd option. Most people just cut a hole and wells a piece of expanded metal on it. I decided to cut the entire rectangle out and build a louvre out of 1/4" plate. I cut strips of 1/4" plate and created a fixed louvre that is angled to where no ash can get into the tube. Once I had everything tacked I put some 1/2" round bar in between as spacers. Pretty difficult to get in the limited space and weld.

sleepersilverado 05-02-2015 11:00 PM

Welded the tube on. The tube is long and will be cut shorter later on.
Took some angle and cut it down to create a frame for the grate to slide into. You can see it here on the bottom. You can see a joint in the middle. I went off memory for the measurement instead of measuring and had to cut it down. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/05...ff88a285d2.jpg

sleepersilverado 05-02-2015 11:05 PM

Time to get started on the frame. This part is taking me longer since I did not take the time to create a drawing. Here is the top. The side with the offset is where the door will be. The goal is for the door to be flush with the front or the fire box portion.
The next day I started building the sides. It is taking longer to cut this because I am using a Porta band and making a cut on each side of the tube to get true cuts. We have an abrasive chop saw but I hate it and it never cuts true.
This is where I left it last weekend. I forgot to take pictures today but will take some when I work on it tomorrow.

Big Guns 1971 05-03-2015 03:00 AM

Nice work cant wait to see it finished and smoking

sleepersilverado 05-03-2015 11:38 AM

Well went in today but could not get motivated for only a few hours of work. Have to take the pooch to the vet mid day so it kills my progress. Decided to just clean up my mess.
Need to get some more tube, when I did a rough figure I did not figure in the offset on the fire box area.
Also sitting there drinking coffee I realized I forgot to flip the top when I started building on it. No big deal, just means my fire box will be on the left rather than the right like I wanted. Only thing that will have to be redone is the angle on the bottom of the fire box that holds the grate.

sleepersilverado 05-19-2015 07:39 PM

Little update from 2 weekends ago. Picked up more tube and cleaned it. Started cutting the plate up and got the transfer box tacked up.

Will be in a holding pattern for about 6 weeks. I managed to fracture my wrist.

saltwatersensations 05-22-2015 09:56 AM

Hope you arent ever planning to move that sucker. Looks overly heavy duty. nice work

sleepersilverado 05-25-2015 08:46 PM

Everything I build I get carried away with. However the entire firebox, charcoal shoot, transfer tube, and fire box grate cost me nothing. Nard to pass up me using what I have even though it is way overkill.

Yes the plan is to put some nice casters on it and keep it in my garage. So the movement will be in and out of the garage.

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