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Chris Martin

Capt. Chris Martin proudly owns and operates Bay Flats Lodge in Seadrift, TX, overlooking San Antonio Bay. Chris has been fishing Texas Gulf Coast waters, from the Galveston Bay system to the San Antonio Bay system, since he was eight years old.

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November 30, 2011

"Tis The Season To Be Confident"

by Chris Martin

by Capt. Chris Martin

This day presented itself to me with one of the more common complications known to the fishing guide profession. Today's party would be comprised of a mixture of skill sets and experience levels, ranging from the seasoned veteran saltwater enthusiast, the freshwater aficionado yet to test his abilities in the salt, to the beginner who had yet to try fishing of any sort at all.

November 10, 2011

"The Third Day's The Charm"

by Chris Martin

It's now the middle of November, and many coastal anglers who get to fish on a regular basis will have already begun to gear-up for cooler weather by layering their clothing, adjusting their tactics, and then by planning each of their consecutive fishing ventures based upon prior successes from previous days.
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