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Capt. Adam Jaynes

Capt. Adam Jaynes has been fishing Sabine Lake and it's surrounding bayous and marshland his entire life. He specializes in using artificial lures for trout, redfish and flounder on both Sabine Lake and neighboring Lake Calcasieu.

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July 15, 2013

Haynie HO Gets It Done

by Capt. Adam Jaynes

After running a Haynie HO (High Output) for nearly two years now I feel pretty safe in making a few comments about the rig. First thing to say is I absolutely love these boats, I am on my second HO and it is getting close to time to order another one. It is 23'10" long, 8' wide and comes in around 1800lbs depending on how you have it set up. On both of mine I went with a larger front deck to be able to have rod boxes on each side. I have more storage than I need which is normally the first thing you run out of on a bay boat. I might fish bait two or three times a year so I only went with one release well in the back and put a rack for an ice chest in front of the console instead of the usual live well. I use this ice chest for storage as I already have a cooler in the bow for fish and my YETI under the leaning post for drinks and food. Glenn at Custom Marine Concepts did all aluminum work and then it was rhino lined black at Chris's Marine. Custom Marine Concepts did a stellar job and will be making me a wading ladder for my next one.

The performance of the Haynie HO is remarkable. It is absolutely the best ALL AROUND bay boat that I have ever been in. What I mean by that is that the HO does not do anything the absolute best but does EVERYTHING very well. You do not have to sacrifice a smooth ride for speed in this boat nor do you have to sacrifice shallow water capabilities for a smooth ride. The HO is able to deliver a very smooth ride along with a very dry ride in conjunction with shallow water capabilities while being extremely fuel efficient with a Mercury 225 Pro XS bolted on the back.

Hole shot is also incredible with the Pro XS on the rear end, especially for a v-hull of this size. In previous boats I used to need a gust of wind to get on plane when loaded down with customers and gear, so long to that! I fish Sabine so I am never really needing to get on plane in shallow water and honestly have yet to push this boat to its limits in the shallows as far as getting on top. I do know for a fact that it can run shallower than it can float in the soft stuff. I personally found that out in the back of Light House Cove, somewhat by mistake as I thought the tide was a little higher than what it actually was. I came off the throttle to make our drift out and had a little trouble drifting when we couldn't even rock the boat! Fortunately for us it was soft enough for the trolling motor to drag the boat into that 11-12" of water for us to float. I can run the Mercury Pro XS all the way up on 6" on the jack plate and still maintain water pressure, which comes in handy when needing to get up in the shallows or leave a shallow water back lake.

The Haynie HO also offers an incredible ride in the rough stuff. I had to learn how to drive it, as it was totally different in adverse conditions versus previous bay boats that I had been in. In previous boats I would lower the trim tabs, throttle back some and let it plow. In the HO I rarely ever use the tabs for rough water performance. Bow entry can very easily be adjusted with the trim switch of the Mercury controls. With the length I am able to maintain my cruising speed while riding on top of the waves instead of plowing through each one, really the faster I drive the smoother the ride becomes to a certain point. Not having to plow through the waves is also a huge help with fuel consumption.

The folks at Chris's have it propped just right with a Bravo I 22p. The RPM's are equal to my MPH all the way through to WOT, meaning if I am turning 4k RPM's I am traveling 40MPH, almost regardless of load and conditions. Top speed isn't too shabby either, the Mercury Pro XS will push it 58MPH at 5800RPM's with a full load. My fuel consumption has decreased dramatically since making the switch over to the Pro XS as well. Sure, I do have to buy oil but at a ratio of 55:1 (55 gallons of gasoline to 1 gallon of oil) I sure don't have to buy very much oil…

225 horses of American power!

My Haynie sits on a Coastline aluminum trailer. It is built like a tank and so far it is the first trailer that I have never had to fix on the side of the road somewhere! It pulls effortlessly behind my F250 and also comes with LED trailer lights.

Ordering my second Haynie was easier than ordering a pizza, literally. I made the call down to Brian at Chris's Marine and placed my order over the phone, mailed a deposit check and four months later I was picking up my new rig. One of the best things is they actually answer the phone over there, anytime I needed to call and ask a question or make a change they answered on either the first or second ring.

Time to load up..

The versatility of the Haynie HO is also a huge bonus. It allows me to take customers and fish effectively from the marsh to the short rigs and do so comfortably. I have been spending the bulk of my time at the jetties for the last month or so and have been blessed with great fishing for the most part. We have done equally well on both the Texas and Louisiana side. Wind and water clarity has dictated where we fish. We have been swimming both Killer Flats Minnows and Bayou Chubs on 1/8oz Beer Belly Jigs to catch good numbers of both trout and redfish. We have also done well with swimbaits and topwaters early. I have been using the bigger Flush from TTF to catch trout on top, keying in on nervous mullet.

We are in the heat of the summer so make sure and stay hydrated out there on the water. Water alone will not replace the fluid and electrolytes so make sure and mix in a Gatorade or equivalent. Stay safe and enjoy the great fishing that summer has to offer!
You never know what's going to crash the party during the summer!
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