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Craig Lambert

Capt. Craig runs Galvestoninshore fishing Guide Service. He has been fishing Galveston Bay complex for 19 years. Out of his 24ft Lake and Bay boat, Capt. Craig caters to all levels of experience to make sure the best time is had by all.

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August 02, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer are Here!

by Capt. Craig Lambert

The heat is on and the fishing is still fairly good as long as you have some tidal movement and a little wind. The wind will not only keep you cool but it gives you some opportunity to make longer drifts and get in front of feeding gamefish. Tidal movement during daylight hours is going to be a problem this month so choose your locations and times carefully.


There will be a lot of afternoon activity this month as it happens every August because of late afternoon tides. That morning bite is going to happen better the farther north you go so Trinity Bay will be a good choice for lots of anglers doing morning trips. On the live bait scene expect the croaker bite to be very strong in the beginning of August but by the end of the month live shrimp will start to produce as well if not better than live croakers.


Fishing the many wellpads across the bay system is a lot of fun and will be very productive for the next few months. If you have never tried it then I recommend it highly. Typically I like to make drifts around wells but anchoring up on wells will work also. Just make sure that when you do anchor up you do so very quietly. Don't chunk your anchor in the water with a loud splash and definitely do not let it crash on the seafloor. Make sure and slip it over gently and lay it down as quietly and as slowly as possible. Remember noise travels 600 X faster in water than air. Keeping that in mind you also want to drift in from 50 to 60 yards out at the minimum. I like starting out with a 3/8th oz jighead and then go lighter if needed as the day goes on. Don't be afraid to change up that weight if you aren't getting bites. A straight retrieve can also be effective this type of year so change up your retrieve if you have to.


DO NOT FORGET to mark the wells on your GPS! Especially the ones you are catching fish on. One day they may remove the well but the fish will still visit that location every year as long as the shell base remains. I am kicking myself already at a few wells that are now gone that I lost since I did not mark them. But that is fishing you get smarter every year if you pay attention to the little details and learn from your mistakes. Expect the fish to move northward in to Trinity Bay along the wells and the next few months ought to produce some fantastic "well hoppin." I am not big on color like some others are. Just try your favorite colors and if the fish are there they will bite them. My favorite colors are red shad, plum, glo, charteuse and tequila sunrise. As fall approaches I tend to prefer a darker color while throwing plastics on the wells.


Look for the redfish bite to greatly improve as it usually does this time every year. I think the shorter daylight puts the redfish on the move and they start showing up heavily on structure like riprap (rocks) and over areas of clam and oyster shell to feed. I prefer a popping cork and shrimp for maximum results on redfish but gold spoons and spinnerbaits will work well also. Look for good redfish action this month in areas like the jetties, mosquito island, the Trinity and San Jacinto rivers and anywhere you can find rocks(riprap). Open water areas will also have large schools of redfish gathered up tearing up bait and causing mudboils. Keeping your eyes open and paying attention to reading "signs/indicators" on the water will help you key in on such activity.


The summer season is almost over with the return of the kids back to school. I have had almost all families with kids these past 2 months and it has been great watching our future anglers having a blast. It is very important to try and teach and expose all kids to outdoor activities like fishing and hunting and how to respect the outdoors and our outdoor resources. Teaching them conservation early in life gives them the education to be responsible anglers and adults in the future.


School is still out so make sure and get those get kids on the water before school starts again. Memories on the water are days never forgotten so be sure and spoil them.

So take a kid fishing and I will see you on the water!!!
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