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Craig Lambert

Capt. Craig runs Galvestoninshore fishing Guide Service. He has been fishing Galveston Bay complex for 19 years. Out of his 24ft Lake and Bay boat, Capt. Craig caters to all levels of experience to make sure the best time is had by all.

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May 30, 2013

Say Goodbye to the Wind!

by Capt Mullet

There is one word to describe this past month of May and that word is WINDY!!! 15-20 mph winds have plagued this bay system for the past month and consequently the bite has been tough. But brighter days are on the horizon and this coming up week is going to be epic. Before I was a guide it seemed like every weekend was windy and every Monday and Tuesday while I was working it was perfect. That looks like the case again this week. Starting Monday calm winds green water and hungry specks and reds are going to bust loose all over our bay system. I am expecting epic days of fishing in just a few days from now.

Lots of reds on Memorial day!

The specks have left the rivers and are heading out to the open bays where very few have been able to get to them. The San Jacinto river is starting to see redfish show up along rip rap and points along the channel and that is where I have been hiding from the wind these past few weeks. Flounder have also started to migrate up in to the San Jacinto and if you can get on a big school it will seem like it is November again. Capt Robert Liebert had a party out about 2 weeks ago where he ran in to a huge school of flounder and they ended up catching 23 in a few hours on live shrimp. Talk about some good eating!!!

Nice flatty!

The reefs in East Bay have been holding a lot of fish. However, getting them to eat with 30 to 40 boats on them constantly harrassing them is making it tough. Everyone fishing East bay is piled up on the reefs near the south shoreline looking for some protection from the wind and waves. Now that this wind is about to calm down it will allow everyone to spread out and things wont be so claustrophobic.

Beautiful trout

The brown shrimp have finally made their arrival and have caused sporadic bird activity in their usual areas from San Luis Pass all the way to Rollover Pass. The few groups I have come across have been tough to fish. They would break up quickly not allowing us to get on a good "bird" bite just yet. Shutting the motor down up wind and drifting or trolling in from 100 yards is best. Also 2 boats on 1 set of birds just doesnt work well. Typically that is the quickest way to break up the school and both boats lose out. If someone is on a set of birds just let them have it. If there is one set of birds then most likely another set isnt too far off so let the other guy have his set and you will get the next one. trust me you will catch much more by this method.

The big uglies never stop!

The croakers soakers are in their full glory now that the croaker bite has begun. Most of the croaker guides have now switched over but the live shrimp bite is still going strong and will continue to be strong thru the month of June. Artificial baits have been tough in this wind but we are still catching a few on plastics. Glo or limetreuse on 1/4 oz short shank jigheads has worked best even in dirtier water. I have been throwing topwaters a lot to see if I can find a few that way but not too many takers so far. I expect that to change this coming week.

Big trout in tough conditions!

I had a very special guest on my boat on Memorial day. I had the honor and privilege to take fishing a member of the "greatest generation". A world War II pacific theater veteran that was incredibly vibrant and in great shape for 90 years old. I was amazed at how many things he taught me about the area we fished and its history. What an amazing man and I want to take this time to wish him well and to wish all the veterans who have served our country. Our warriors and veterans are the ones that make this country free and allow us to live the life we do. Happy memorial day to all of them!!

What an amazing man!

May 16, 2013

Crazy May Days

by Capt Mullet

You have to work hard if you want to catch fish right now. Thankfully the redfish and other species are cooperating fully on windy days and after the fronts to keep fishing fun and exciting while we deal with the erratic weather patterns. These abnormal conditions have plagued the entire Galveston bay system with dirty water, lower than normal water temperatures and this is making it tougher to locate and stay on feeding fish for most anglers.

Doubled up on some bruisers!

Cold fronts coming thru in mid-May and temperatures down in to the 40's at night is unheard of for Southeast Texas during this time of year. Water temperatures have been hovering in the 60's for 2 months now and just barely reaching the low 70's. But the end of this crazy weather is near and more stable weather patterns are on the way. The heat and humidity is about to return and along with it a southeast wind and an excellent forecast for fishing.

Big Speck!

We can look forward to much improved and possibly the best fishing of the year as soon as that wind dies and that water becomes trout green again. Typically, the winds die down around the last week of May and that is when every fish in the bay goes on a feeding frenzy. Open bay areas such as the oyster reefs in East Bay and clam reefs in Trinity Bay along with the well pads located around the ship channel will be great areas to locate feeding speckled trout and redfish. The jetty system and the Texas City Dike area will also turn on with the change in to a summer weather pattern.

Courtney is jealous!

Until this water cleans up the live bait crowd is going to be at an advantage. Plenty of live bait guides have begun soaking croakers already but live shrimp is still just as good at this point in the season. A Midcoast Evolution cork is my go to set up for live shrimp. Leader length depends on the depth you are fishing. Keeping your bait suspended just above the bottom is your best bet. Artificials will be king once we get the right conditions here in the next few weeks. Limetreuse and glo will be excellent colors for trout green waters while pumpkinseed(brown) or morning glory(black) will work better in highly stained waters.

Excellent young fishermen

The black drum continue to be located all over shallow flats over areas of heavy shell. They range in size from 1 lb to 40 lbs and we are catching the big ones on a daily basis alongside redfish and a few speckled trout. Shallower flats with heavy shell in the 3-4 ft range seem to offer up the best opportunities for anglers. Gafftopsail catfish have been sporadic and thankfully we have not caught too many of them on the north side of the bay but they are hanging around the southern portion of our bay system and in large numbers.

Tournament red!

Look for the birds to start working in areas from lower West bay all the way to the east end of East Bay. Brown shrimp have been trickling in slowly and will continue to do so as our water temperatures rise. Afternoons usually produce the best bird activity this time of year and hopefully the bird activity picks up very soon and offers everyone some crazy and fun filled action.

Happy kids!

Summer vacation for the youngsters is almost here so don't forget the future of our sport are those young kids we introduce to the outdoors. Take a kid fishing today!!!

Big beautiful black drum!

Tight Lines!!
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