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Craig Lambert

Capt. Craig runs Galvestoninshore fishing Guide Service. He has been fishing Galveston Bay complex for 19 years. Out of his 24ft Lake and Bay boat, Capt. Craig caters to all levels of experience to make sure the best time is had by all.

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March 04, 2016

Spring Break is Here

by Capt Craig Lambert

The mild weather patterns have really provided some excellent fishing opportunities as of late. The jetty runners are seeing the beginning of the Black Drum run while the above average water temperatures are sparking a shallow water bite and the wadefishermen are loving it and cleaning up on the flats. Expect these 2 patterns to both get better as April approaches and expect to see some nice catches for the month of March. But the story of the month is Spring break and making sure those kids have a great time on their vacation. So let's just go over a few places to take your kids out on the water and get them fishing.


Many fishing guides are available all over the State of Texas and Louisiana and I guarantee nothing will make a kid happier than a day of fishing on a guided trip. Yes trips are expensive but a quality day of fishing on the bay with your family is priceless. However, there are many other fishing opportunities available around Galveston and in the area to get kids hooked up for spring Break without a boat. Families have some very good opportunities at a few hot spots around the Galveston area and the Bolivar peninsula. San Luis Pass and the beach on the west end of the island will be a fantastic area for kids to explore the beach and bay habitats and the incredible variety of birds and wildlife. On the East end of the island East beach and the South jetty can also be an excellent spot with multiple places to fish in the surf and on the rocks. Although it isn't the nicest beach in the world the South jetty however is one of the finest fishing spots around. Along the seawall in Galveston are located multiple rock groins in the surf and of course there are many piers. However, the number one destination to catch quality fish in my opinion for families fishing out of their car is Rollover Pass. More trout, redfish and flounder have been caught in that little pass than probably anywhere along the Texas coast. Of course this list is not complete without mentioning the longest rock groin in the world, the Texas City Dike. The dike has a lot to offer from wadefishing Mosquito island to hanging out on the man made beach or fishing the rocks along the channel side. Lots of places to go with a variety of ways to fish.

Lots of specks this size!!

Patterns are beginning to change as spring arrives early this year. The incoming tide is definitely where the best bite is and the bite has been much more aggressive late afternoons and on the higher end of the tide. Low tide has been tough to fish for the past few weeks. The redfish are beginning to show up more and more on the rocks and along structure. While the oversized black drum are starting to show up in their usual areas. Expect big changes to come soon on the flats. A major migration from muddy flats to sandy flats will most likely occur near the end of the month or the first week of April. So patterns will start to change soon.

What a catch and what a smile!

March is the beginning of the windier months of spring. Don't let the wind scare you off the water. Learn to use the wind to your advantage this month and expand your fishing knowledge. Wind blown shorelines can be excellent drifting venues especially for redfish. I am still amazed at how many people think calm sunny days are good fishing days. Yes this is true in the hotter months but not in Winter or Spring when the wind prevails and you either learn to fish the wind or you just don't catch fish. The advantage of the wind is being able to cover ground and find them quicker. Stirred up waters will not cause them to shut down but the opposite is in fact true. The wind will generate more feeding activities for you to take advantage of. Different wind directions will obviously affect their mood in different ways. My favorite wind is SE at 15-20 and it is about as good as it gets so don't park the boat in those conditions get out there and hammer them. I find these conditions produce actively feeding fish and if you can coincide your trip with the incoming tide then you will definitely put a few in the box. This rule is especially true for wadefishermen. It is always nice to start on a calm clean shoreline protected from the wind and sometimes they are there but if they aren't you had better revamp your thinking and start hitting some wind blown areas and see how you do. I bet you will be surprised.

Awesome redfish!!!

Take a kid fishing for Spring Break!!
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