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Craig Lambert

Capt. Craig runs Galvestoninshore fishing Guide Service. He has been fishing Galveston Bay complex for 19 years. Out of his 24ft Lake and Bay boat, Capt. Craig caters to all levels of experience to make sure the best time is had by all.

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March 22, 2014

Winds of Change!

by Capt Craig Lambert

As we approach April and our typical springtime patterns the winds will increase. 15-20 mph winds most likely will be the norm for the next 6-8 weeks. Those strong winds can really work to your advantage. Redfish and trout will get themselves in to an aggressive bite as the leeward shoreline creates deflection and turbulence from the waves. The prey they are after becomes an easy meal in this washing machine effect in which smaller finfish can not navigate very well. This same effect can occur on semi protected shallow flats in strong winds. So don't stay home and think the fish do not bite on windy days. They do!!

The Slam!!

Spring is coming so it is time to get ready for another fishing season. That means updating tackle, breaking down and respooling reels, stocking up on glo and chartreuse colors for plastics, purchasing more Midcoast corks and of course a few topwaters. Water temperatures lately have been hovering in the 60's and this has put our fish in to that aggressive bite that makes them pull even harder on your line. Lets face it, what is better than having some big fish run you in circles around the boat as she tries to break you off on the motor or anything else she can wrap that line around. That is my kind of fishing and it has already started!!

Very Nice Speckled Trout!

Glass minnows will be pouring out of the marshes soon and the specks can become very selective and picky about what baits they eat. Matching the hatch on color is first so some type of glo/chart or white color is needed. Then try to match the size. Bone Super Spook Jr's, Norton Sand Eel Jr's or some type of imitation glass minnow from Tsunami or another company should put a few fish on your line as your buddies wonder why they can't get any bites. Match the hatch becomes extremely critical during that few weeks of April when glass minnows are out so be prepared and see what happens. Typically this type of bite occurs near marshes and bayous where glass minnows are in abundance. If you are not prepared with the proper baits in can be quite frustrating.

Big Fish!

The black drum are definitely starting to show up along the Texas City Dike and throughout the ship channel. Catching these big brutes on light line is a heck of a lot of fun just make sure and release them properly by reviving them until they kick out of your hand. I personally think live or fresh dead shrimp is the best bait for these big brutes although a blue crab cracked in half will be the other choice. The best places are the North and South jetties, Feenor Flats, Sea Wolf park, the Texas City Dike and the Bolivar wells. Black Drum will create slicks like speckled trout and redfish do so pay attention and look for them. I have caught these big brutes in all depths from 2-3 ft of water cruising over heavy shell all the way to the tip of the jetties in 50 foot of water. No matter what type of fishing you like to do the chances are you will hook in to one of these brutes this spring. Hang on and have fun!

The Drun Run is on!

Take a kid fishing!!

March 04, 2014

Spring Break fishing for kids

by Capt. Craig Lambert

Can you remember as a kid the excitement you felt when finding out you were going fishing? The anticipation and excitement made it almost like Christmas morning. Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to take a day off to take those kids fishing and make them happy.

He can outfish most adults!

There are plenty of piers located around the Galveston bay system such as Sylvan Beach Park in LaPorte, the Texas City Dike, Sea Wolf Park and the many piers and rock groins along the beachfront in Galveston. As the black drum season kicks in to gear places like the beachfront,Sea Wolf Park and the end of the Texas City Dike will give plenty of chances for young anglers to land some of these larger fish and have an experience of a lifetime that they will never forget.

Big Uglies are in season!

Young anglers spending time off of their cell phones and computers and out in nature will allow them to experience life from a non-cyber point of view and that is important in today's world of growing technology and their quest for a digital self image. The smell of salt air and the sounds of waves crashing are the joys in life that we do not want our kids to miss that is why it is so important to get young boys and girls out on the water as much as possible.

Loves to fish!

Girls love fishing as much as the boys and sometimes even more believe it or not. So don't overlook taking any kids fishing based on gender. Like adults young lady anglers are more patient than their male counterparts and at times I have seen the sisters outfish their brothers. A good competitive spirit between siblings seems to bring the best out of both of them and really makes for a fun fishing day.

Brother & Sister going at it!

Fishing lately has been good if you are in the right areas. Fishing areas near freshwater seems to be the key to finding fish these last 3 to 4 weeks. The fish are cold and confused with our water temperatures going up and down like a yo-yo. Bayous and rivers bring warmer waters from up stream and just a few degrees can make a huge difference especially for speckled trout which are not as tolerant to colder waters as redfish and flounder are. Bayous and canals will still be holding fish this time of year so do not overlook any wintertime areas that will offer warmer waters and some type of food source. Darker plastics have been working well and outfishing live shrimp if you can get live shrimp. Live bait has continued to be very scarce lately so switching to plastics has been a good trade off.

Happy kids!

It looks like the polar vortex is behind us now so nothing but warmer temperatures and tight lines ahead.

Take a kid fishing. The future of our sport depends on it!

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