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Craig Lambert

Capt. Craig runs Galvestoninshore fishing Guide Service. He has been fishing Galveston Bay complex for 19 years. Out of his 24ft Lake and Bay boat, Capt. Craig caters to all levels of experience to make sure the best time is had by all.

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June 02, 2017

Finally June is here!

by Capt Craig Lambert

It looks like we are past the spring winds and from here on out we might have a chance to finally get in on some good fishing action. Let's face it, May was a very poor fishing month with front after front rolling through but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Calmer fishing days are the forecast for the foreseeable future. And June has always been the absolute best month of the summer season by far.


This year is completely different than the last two following years. At the beginning of June for the past two years we had huge inundations of fresh water from heavy spring rains that pushed most of our fish in to East Bay where everyone was tearing them up. Don't expect that easy bite in East Bay again this year. Our fish will be spread out over the entire bay system from East Bay to the channel and even up in to Trinity Bay. This will make hunting for fish and reading the water a premium this month.


Incoming morning tides will no doubt offer the best bite but dont over look some of the afternoon outgoing tides that occur near the new moon to offer up some excellent opportunities also. Tides are especially important this month so follow the tides closely for the areas you plan to fish in. As water temperatures and weather conditions settle in to more of a summer pattern expect the big trout to bite during the heat of the day. I have always noticed that in June the big fish tend to bite best after lunch. As the crowd and boat traffic leave for the day the bigger fish tend to get hungry and feel comfortable enough to start feeding.


The shrimp bite is still hanging on but everyday that goes by the croaker bite gets stronger. In years past I have stuck with shrimp until the end of June but this year is totally different so we will let the fish tell us what they want. The artificial bite has been OK but it has been hard to judge because of the terrible wind and weather we have had these past 6-8 weeks. As we get in to a more consistent weather pattern these next few weeks I expect the artificial bite to really take off and get hot.


Spinnerbaits against rock walls and riprap can be extremely productive for redfish. Islands along the ship channel like Redfish Island and Atkinson Island can be very productive for a variety of species. Yes you will catch some speckled trout along these islands but when I show up I like fishing the rocks for redfish. You have to be up close to the rocks for reds and spinnerbaits or shrimp and a popping cork are ideal. Black drum, sheepshead and a flounder or two are also possible when using live shrimp. Be very careful of passing ships at all times when near the ship channel but be especially aware on the rocks. A big ship can put up a 4-5 ft wave that can hurt you if you aren't paying attention.

We have a great month of fishing ahead of us so be safe and as always take a kid fishing!!!

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Calmday wrote 4 years ago

Good info. See you soon buddy.

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