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Craig Lambert

Capt. Craig runs Galvestoninshore fishing Guide Service. He has been fishing Galveston Bay complex for 19 years. Out of his 24ft Lake and Bay boat, Capt. Craig caters to all levels of experience to make sure the best time is had by all.

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October 06, 2015

Red October is Here!

by Capt. Craig Lambert

Pinch me because I hope I am not dreaming and it really is October. All year long most of us sportsman wait for this month for so many reasons. First the good weather is finally here. Next it is the start of hunting season. And most importantly it is the beginning of the best 10 weeks of the year to be fishing on Galveston Bay.

Fantastic Young Angler

The weather will begin to dictate fishing patterns more and more as the weeks progress. Expect fishing to be fair to good until we get our first
"major" cold weather system. That first major cold front that flushes the marshes out will kick fishing in to high gear and it will go from fair fishing to fantastic fishing literally overnight. Bird activity will increase dramatically and the flounder will also be on the move with that first major lowering of the tides created by the North wind.

Over 6 pounds on the Boga. Not bad!

Bird activity has started already and I see them typically in the mornings and I bet there are some in the late afternoons also. Not much under them at this point except small specks and sandies with the occasional gafftop and redfish hanging around in them. Increased bird activity is coming so knowing how to approach the birds and what to throw will increase your hook ups. Birds in shallower waters like 4 ft. or less are very spooky and most likely you will need to anchor up "VERY QUIETLY" before you reach them and they scatter. An ideal situation is deeper water where they are more tolerant to the boat and human noises. Throwing a heavier jig-head to get down below the smaller fish is ideal. The bigger trout and the reds are typically underneath the schoolies picking up easy meals so try to get your lure on or near the bottom quickly. Color does not matter at all in your lure selection and there is no reason whatsoever to use live bait. Throw a plastic on a jig and just reel. I prefer hardy plastic lures like Norton Sand Eel jr's and TTF baits because of their durability.

Hard Fighting Jack Crevalle

The northward push or migration of specks has continued. All of Trinity Bay and the northern parts of Galveston Bay are holding good quantities of specks with a few redfish mixed in with them. Soft plastics like Bass Assassins and Big Nasty's are working well right now. I prefer a 1/4 oz jig-head with some type of darker color like red shad or pumpkin seed. It definitely is not a light bite on artificials right now. They are hammering it! As water temperatures drop expect the artificial bite to do nothing but get better. I haven't had much luck with topwaters here lately but they should be kicking in hard. Don't forget to tie on a loop knot and make sure you are using noisy topwaters like Mirrolure She Dogs for best results.

Fantastic Day of fishing

The reds seem like they are everywhere and they are hungry for sure. I know there are a lot of trout purists out there that don't care too much for redfish. But I am not one of them. Redfish are hard pulling bulldogs that are just eating machines and they will not pass up a plastic lure, a gulp, a gold spoon or a nice juicy shrimp dangling just off of the bottom under my popping cork. That is why I love them so. You can find them everywhere but if you just want to target reds I would focus on shallow flats with heavy shell or shorelines with pylons and piers. I typically look for the oldest set of piers around and start on them first. Make sure you have fresh line on you reels and a good drag system. Redfish will definitely put a test to your tackle.

That is one Heavy Redfish

Everybody be safe and a have a great fall fishing season!

Take a kid fishing this month!

Comments (3)

let's talk fishin wrote 5 years ago

Nice report as always.

Red Tuna wrote 5 years ago

Thanks Capt!

TXPalerider wrote 5 years ago

Thanks Craig!

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