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Craig Lambert

Capt. Craig runs Galvestoninshore fishing Guide Service. He has been fishing Galveston Bay complex for 19 years. Out of his 24ft Lake and Bay boat, Capt. Craig caters to all levels of experience to make sure the best time is had by all.

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March 01, 2015

Spring Break is for Kids

by Capt Craig Lambert

March is finally here and the younger generation has one thing on their minds and that is "Spring Break." This is their chance to unwind and hopefully go wet a line and do some serious fishing. Our job as adult anglers is to do everything we can to make sure that happens so that we can pass on our knowledge to the next generation.
Hooked Up!

Kids are great to have on the boat and here is why. We all feel that exciting anticipation of fighting a tough fish all the way back to the boat. Just when our excitement level is peaked and we are about to net the fish we might be seriously let down and even disappointed by the sight of a catfish or other non-target species. But not the younger anglers. They love every moment of that fish no matter what the species and that is fishing at its purest form and that is why "kids are the greatest of all anglers."

Awesome Redfish!!

There are plenty of ways to get young ones on the water with a pole in hand for Spring Break and not all of them have to be on a boat. To start there are numerous piers from La Porte all the way down to Galveston. A small piece of dead shrimp on the bottom will catch numerous species for kids of all ages to enjoy and reel in. The Galveston surf and rock groins and Texas City Dike has miles of fun for not only family friendly fishing but exploring our coastal beach-fronts. So no excuses this year lets get those kids out this Spring Break with a pole in hand.

Happy Young Angler

Spring Break is not the only major event in March. This month is also capped by the much anticipated return of oversize Black Drum back to our jetties and passes to spawn. Jetty fishermen will be lined up anchor to anchor along the jetties on weekends to get their chance at battling these 30 to 60 pound behemoths. These big fish are not for the faint hearted. A lot of pulling and winding will need to take place to land these larger than average brutes. Fresh crab is the #1 bait used but dead or live shrimp can also put a lot of fish in the boat. This is a catch and release species so make sure and properly release these fish unharmed so someone else can enjoy the experience of battling these huge fish.

Serious Pull!

The shallow flats are still the place to be and the wadefishermen and kayakers are still at an advantage over other anglers. Speckled trout and redfish will gang up along shallow flats near freshwater and for the angler willing to spend the time to find these magic areas where the fish congregate then this can lead to some very rewarding fishing. Put your time in on the water and establish a pattern and you will have a very successful month of fishing on the flats. Typically in March we are at the mercy of the weather. But with so many great angling opportunities this month don't let the weather men scare you off.

Rewarded for the hard work!

Remember to take those kids fishing this month because they deserve it!

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