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John Spencer

Capt. John is a guide with Posada del Colorado in Arroyo City. John guided for many years in CO before moving to TX full time in 2003. When he is not fishing, bird hunting or tying flies, he will be with his wife, two children and two yellow labs.

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November 21, 2011

November - One of my favorite months

by Capt John Spencer

The last two weeks notwithstanding, November ranks with October as my favorite time of the year to fish. And it has the added bonus of duck hunting when the weather doesn't cooperate. We have been doing a lot of duck hunting the last couple of weeks.

We either need the wind to go down or the sun to come out to effectively sight fish and we have been suffering through the combination of high wind and cloudy days the last couple of weeks. When we have fished, it has been generally really good. Fishing on the sand the entire length of the LLM has shined, as it normally does in November, from Three Amigos all the way to north of the East Cut. In addition to the sand, there are good numbers of fish in mid-bay structure and along the west side lakes and lagoons. By mid-bay structure, I mean the guts and humps that exist east of the ICW. On the west side, find the white shrimp and you will find the fish. Marshy shorelines along the mangroves are the best. Even if there is no sun, you will see the wakes and fleeing shrimp.

As winter progresses, and we dodge the fronts and tides fall lower and lower, increasingly we will target this mid-bay structure. The windows between fronts can provide some of the best and certainly least pressured fishing of the year.

Interestingly, we still have some tarpon muddling around as well.

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