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Gidday Bantam1
I'm a brand new member to the 2Cool Forum's, off the back of alot of traffic we got in our site from the 2Cool members. I've spent a bit of time looking around in the site and I've got to say... I reckon you've got stones for putting yourself out there in this thread like you do. The world's full of knockers but your passion and obvious belief in the brand is refreshing. we won't fish with anything else mate.

A quick note on the Curado thread... we've fished Curado's for a while now and whilst we might be a bit over-cautious, i.e. everything gets cleaned, lightly oiled and then stored in a cupboard with one of those dmap-rid pots, we've had no issues with the gear what so ever. Maintenance is everything.

Thanks... Bill.

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Welcome to the sie. Honestly this is my favorite site to post on. The people here are great! Maybe its my love for Texas or maybe its just nice to feel appreciated.

Anyways welcome to the best site in Texas!
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