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Your favorite to fish for?

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What's your favorite fish to fish for? What gets your blood pumping?

My favorite is billfish. I could, would and have trolled all day for just one shot at a billfish.. mainly blue marlin.. but certainly enjoy sails and whites!

Second would be wahoo. I enjoy the sound of the clicker and drag with a large wahoo on!
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Blue Marlin. You can troll all day and not get one strike, and think what a crappy day. But then at 4:30 or 5:00 pm the line starts screaming,you hook up and end up releasing a nice Blue. That just made it a great day, period. Blue Marlin fishin off the Texas coast is not easy, if it was, every one would do it. Nothing can take you from zero to a hero faster than a nice Blue.

Or you can see 5 of them in a day and not hook up and it hurts. Hurts bad.

It just makes you want to go out again. Even more.

I'd agree that fishin' for any billfish in the Gulf is the most fun and most rewarding.

Still can't wait to see Bone tackle a tourny "kill" fish.
I have to agree. We fished POCO three times, 6 days total, with only 1 strike. I still remember the strike (I lost the fish after 2 minutes only) and every detail about it. Just that strike was worth the 6 days of mind numbing trolling.
Marlin and big mean sharks!

Number one on the wish list--bluefin.
I AM A BOTTOMFISHING FOOL, i love my snapper, grouper and AJ's , but i do love to get into some wahoo and dodo's also. i am moving up in size next march and i will probably be changing my story once i can actually get out to the pelagics!!! lol
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Bait, cuz usually it means I'll have some reels screaming soon..

I agree with 'cat. I had a big blue on last year and can still play the whole fight in my mind. I still see that fish greyhounding in my sleep.

Can't wait to leader one.
sailfishing in panama at tropic star--last time i was there in may of this year; just passing thru from costa rica--heading to port a we fished total of 8 hrs caught 68 for about 100 on sails. hell of a day of fishing
I'm certainly not an expert by any means, or have caught a ton of bills. But I have caught several and can remember every fish, jump, bait hit, time of day, approx. size, etc.. This addiction is bad and getting worse.

Hi.. I'm bevo and I have a billfish addiction...
The hypnotic effect of the lures popping, your eyes scanning the spread back and forth, focus, concentration, the beat of the diesels lumping along at high idle, the sun searing your flesh like one of those hot dogs on the rack at the 7-11, as you wait, and wait, and wait. Eyes aching from the UV. Pounding water to keep up with the sweat. Radio chatter as your buddies (or enemies) are hooking up. That quick flash in the corner of your eye as the fish enters the spread, and you think just for a fraction of a second, I am just imagining that, or am I?
BIG BIG blue marlin....we had our boat for 3 years and haven't raised a blue that was under 350 yet.....and wahoo especially when you put 18 in the boat in one day..that same day had a big blue swallow a wahoo at the boat
The combination of the sound of the throttles being pushed forward and line pouring off the reel mixed in with some black smoke through the nose while a blue starts greyhounding is quite possibly the best sensory overload in the world.
BF said:
sailfishing in panama at tropic star--last time i was there in may of this year; just passing thru from costa rica--heading to port a we fished total of 8 hrs caught 68 for about 100 on sails. hell of a day of fishing
Yeah, Billy, YT told me all about it. Absolutely sick fishing trip!!!
Billfish of course, but my new love is bottom fishing in 1000+ ft of water for Tilefish or who knows what. Can't wait for the next time when we drop a 4 hook rig with ten pounds of weight to the bottom at the Hilltops or who knows we may drop at Hoover or Boomvang you never know what will draw the batteries down.
lol 1hunglower.. that's not really fishing..... But it is **** fun!
I will ride for days and hours looking at the bottom hoping to discover and new fish spot. Or a spot where a big sow snapper may live (catch only if for a major tourney). Dragging baits for hours is so boring I just caint do it. The fish I find will always be there but the billfish will not be there the next timec so you just ride and pull baits hoping something will happen. Thats why there are Fords and Chevys. Everybody likes something different. Good fishing and what ever makes you happy.


Big ling and big Mahi are my current favorites. Never having caught a YFT, Wahoo, or any of the awesome species of billfish, I have a feeling my opinion might change. Its just hard to beat sight casting to a 75# ling, watching the take and hanging on for dear life or watching the light show of a big Mahi (just for the record my biggest mahi is only 15#) flying 6' in the air with gills flaired and mouth wide open trying to spit that annoying thing hooked on his jaw. JMO
It's no longer a matter of want or like, I have been taken by the darkside and it is a need. No sun, the lumes on the floats dancing on the waves under the moonlight waiting for that purple beast to come send the half asleep crew into a panic, then hoping that this time the hooks stays in.....The battle can last for hours.......Awsome!!!!!!Dang! I gota stop thinking about this my heart is pumping...
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