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All next week the Animal Planet channel (282 on Direct TV) will be showing the all new "Animal Cops Houston".

We see it here 10 pm and 5 am Miami, Fl. time. I know, I'm lazy for not giving it to you Texas time, but right now I'm very tired.

Animal Planet of course is a Discovery Channel. It's the channel I watch the most and Animal Cops is one of my favorites. It's certainly most heartwarming to see the people in service to animals be so concerned about them, protective of them and making sure they get the right health care when needed.

My favorite Animal Cops is
#1 Animal Cops Houston
#2 Animal Cops Detroit

I became a member of Animal Cops Detroit after watching them for months and being amazed by what they accomplish.

We sure do need to support our Humane Society. Until I started watching this series I had no idea what people do to animals.

The Houston Animal Cops are absolutely committed to protecting and rescuing animals.

You might want to drop a note to them and thank them some time.

Aunt Joyce

I have

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Miss Dixie I'm so glad you responded!

I've thought of you so often! When I heard the promos for the new series of "Animal Cops Houston" I wanted to be sure you caught my heads-up.

You most certainly would be in this all-new series showing each day of this coming week (except Saturdays and Sundays doggone it!)

If you have a problem video-taping the hour-long program, let me know and I'll see to it that it's video taped here and I can send it to you. We have some 8-hour tapes here that are pretty good and I could put a whole week's worth, removing commercials, so you could have it.

Now that I know what you look like I can look for you.

As I said, I watch both the 10 pm and the 5 am repeat because it's such a great joy to see animal abusers get their come-uppins. I have seen such horrible neglect of animals that even at my advanced age I find it shocking.

I have seen the Animal Cops Houston come upon scenes where someone reported the neglect of horses. You would not believe what people do! I've seen horse in such bad condition that the flooring they stand on has reduced their hoofs to soft tissue. I remember one horse that was so emaciated that her pregnancy was the only place on her body that didn't have bone sticking out. Her belly with baby was dragging on the floor.

The Humane Society did a remarkable job of getting some food to her and she was able to deliver her young. Both, though, were very weak. But, thankfully both survived and continued to receive care until they were adopted.

So, if you'd like, I'll tape the shows for you.

Please tell your friend Jim Boeller how very much one of his viewers admires him and the dedicated people he works with. What self control it must take to walk into some of the situations they face and maintain such self control that they remain polite. I'm afraid if it was me I'd blow a gasket and be all over those people.

The sentencing the woman received was more than just! One of the episodes I watched last week was from the Animal Cops Miami series. A dog owner, a male around 30 yrs., had bent a hanger around the neck of his dog instead of using a collar and chained him that way to a tree out back. The hanger had been on the dog so long that the skin grew over it leaving badly infected flesh under the skin. The dog was very sick.

The Humane Society Vet worked very carefully with the dog. Skin and fur had to be removed then the coat hanger cut open with a wire cutter. He had to be sedated because touching his neck was so painful for him. They cut the chain off that was still connected to it.

The dog survived. He was brought back to health. The Judge saw the photographs that had been taken. When the man stood before him he showed no remorse, just shrugged his shoulders. He was incarcerated and charged a big fine. I think they should have let him wear a hanger around HIS neck for a while!

By the way, I saw, when I read my post, that once again I had chosen too large a type size for my message. This is laziness on my part. I do this to make it easier for me to read, then forget to bring the size back down.

Instead, I should remember to use my command key with the plus sign. That way I can see and it doesn't change type size.

Just heard on the noon news that we have storms headed our way here in Miami. Oh, happy day!

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Thank you Miss Dixie ....

And you can be sure that I will enjoy the week of Animal Cops Houston!

I'm tickled pink that you would take the time to tell Jim Boeller that he has a big-time fan in
Miami, Fl. And you can bet I'll be looking for you there!

Take care Miss Dixie!

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