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Yesterday on Sam's Beach - Part I

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I was so excited Wednesday night I was not getting any sleep so I got up and headed on down. Dropped down on the beach off Bluewater Hwy about 0100. First thing I noticed was the wind was really whippin'! I pulled up at a place that looked alright and laid the seat back and went immediately to sleep. I woke up about 10 minutes after 6:00 and began setting up. Turned out that I was only about 50' or so from the place I was at last time. Lots of dead seaweed everywhere but I did find a clean patch where I could set up the "kitchen".

Mid morning I had a surprise visitor. FINALLY got to meet and shake hands with Mr. Jerry McCoy. He is one fine gentleman, I te'ya. Jerry, thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself. I hope you will start coming to some of our get togethers now. It was a pleasure to meet you, at last.

Well, the wind was whippin', the tide was rippin', and the seaweed was awful. I had a plan. Plan A was to catch some nice specs and have a fried fish lunch. Didn't work out so Dinty Moore saved me again. Kinda funny, mid afternoon the rip let up some and the weed disappeared. I mean it was GONE. ?? I finally caught a small sand trout and put it on the big rod alive and had a fine run. Got broke off but it was fun for a minute there. A little later I caught a small whiting and had the exact same results. Put it on alive and got broke off for my trouble.

The water was great, it even made a feeble attempt at greening up, and the wind seemed to kind of lighten up mid afternoon. It was a thoroughly pleasant day, with or without any specs or reds. I just can never get enough of that kind of stuff.

#1. Sunrise, kind of sets the mood for the day.
#2. Uh-oh! I caught severl of these "exotics" :D
#3. & 4. Camp WJ.
#5. Plan B. :rolleyes:
#6. Did I mention that it was a little windy?

Back in a bit with..."the REST of the story.


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Part II

The day was remarkable in that, for the most part, there was not another vehicle on the beach. I was so alone that near the end of the day I put on my "birthday suit" and stood out in the open and poured a gallon of fresh water over me to freshen up a bit before putting on some clean clothes to drive home in. Then I casually strolled back over to the truck and got a towel and dried off. I can't remember the last time I did that. I've seen my grandson do it before but he was 4 years old. Actually I do recall a time on the beach when I had just come out of the water and had nothing on but a towel wrapped around me. The wind did a little side-swoop and the towel came off, rolled into a ball and went under the door of the truck and down the beach. But that was an accident! :D

The last part of the day was definitely better for fishing and being in the water. The new F-150 Makes a lot more shade than the little Ranger did and I enjoyed a brief nap there at one point.

On a more somber note, you know how sometimes, right slap in the middle of a great day, one of those little silent tradgedies happens. Nothing serious, just a little something to make you say "aw ****" I had two such incidents happen to me.

First, I had worn my blue flip-flops down to the water to rinse out a bucket and when I turned around to head back the little piece that goes between your toes on the left one pulled out and the strap broke. These were the ones that Baxter had such a time with at his first beach gathering. I offered them to him on the next go-round but he had already moved on by then. Life moves pretty fast for puppies, I recon. :D I tried to remember how long I've had them and I just don't have a clue. They have been with me twice to the wilds of Northern Onterio on the fly out fishing trips. They have been with me to many ports of call in the western, southern, and Mexican Caribbean. And they have been on the beach with me here more times, and for more years than I can count. They were the absolute best, most comfortable ones I ever had. I shall miss them...sniff, sniff. :headknock

Also my "flag staff" came all apart on me. You notice the windsock I always fly when I'm on the beach. We got that the first years we rented a beach house (circa 1981) and we have flown it at ever beach house we rented since, plus I fly it when ever I'm on the beach. You may also have notice that at one point during the day I put my TTMB flag on it as well. That rod was OLD when we first got the windsock and that is what we had been using all this time. As I was taking it down yesterday all but one of the eyes came off because the wrapping was rotten. the tip came off too. And to make matters worse it broke the ferrule (it's a two-piece) taking it appart. At least it didn't fall apart piece-by-piece. It just about blew up in my face. Now I suppose I'll have to get a new rod to use. I'll just get a cheap-o, don't need a BillyStiX just to fly a flag and a windsock! ;)

I sure hated to see the day end! I left all the good fish there for next time but I did get two large garbage bags full of everything from dirty diapers to oil filters picked up and put in the blue barrels. I always try to leave the beach a little cleaner than I found it. BTW, I brought home some drift wood. There are tons of it on the beach now and when it dries out I think it will be great.

I didn't catch anything to keep or eat but I had some good pulls and that ain't bad. I can't wait to do it agin! :an2:

#1. Who can guess what this is?
#2. I have always been fascinated with the moon...day or night. :)
#3. I thought this made a nice late afternoon shot.
#4. I took this shot and then struck my colors and headed back to Deer Park.
#5. I went home through Galveston and I stopped on the seawall for one more moon shot.

Can't say, at this point, when I'll get to do this again. I have a couple of fires I'm trying to put out but hopefully I can catch a day next week. I'll be watching the weather and ducking what ever come at me in hopes to get a day late next week, after all the storms are over/gone


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I like the camp stove sitting on ceramic pots. BTW that stove looks way too clean.
that first picture in yer second post, looks like your shadow......maybe a bit over anxoius with the trigger, and mis-snapped?

Jack, I'm looking at a trip to the beach, on the weekend of Sept 4-5.....I have a football game Friday night in Boling, will probably stay in a hotel, and after that come first light Saturday monring.....I'll be waist deep in the Gulf, catching so many fish, my arms are screaming mercy
BertS, Do you ref?
Fish-a-mon said:
BertS, Do you ref?
nope, my boy, is playing varsity this year....starting free safety, 2nd string QB......exciting time for me.......lol....oh yeah, and probably for him too.....
Bert, That is my shadow alright. I took it because I didn't think any one would figure out it was MY shadow....it makes me look taaaallllll. :D

Stuart. The stove is fairly new and has only been used half a dozen time. I try to clean it after every trip. You ought to see it after I've cooked a couple of skillets full of bacon!

The clay pots serve to remind me that some times I even outsmart myself. When I bought that one they had two that looke exactly alike but this one was a couple of bucks cheaper. When I opened it up to use it for the first time I found our WHY mine was cheaper...Mine didn't come with legs/stand! So Pam goes out and buys the clay pot for me. They work great but they are somewhat of a hassle.
I was so alone that near the end of the day I put on my "birthday suit" and stood out in the open and poured a gallon of fresh water over me to freshen up a bit before putting on some clean clothes to drive home in. Then I casually strolled back over to the truck and got a towel and dried off.
Bet that was a sight....LOL... I'm sure the seagulls were laughing there arse off.... j/k really not
Badhabit said:
Bet that was a sight....LOL... I'm sure the seagulls were laughing there arse off.... j/k really not
he better watch out for them horny pelicans......

what's white, shiny, brown, with feathers, rolling around on the beach, cursing like a sailor?

WJ and a horny pelican, doing the nasty.....lol
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