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Nobody got mad, just a good, respectful, spirited, healthy discussion, the way it should be.

I've run into folks who said they'll talk about anything but politics and religion.

Do we dare...bring up religion? Of course! If we will talk politics, which is vain (meaningless), We certainly should discuss that.

I'll start...I don't really like the word religion, Relationship with the Lord is much better than having religion.

So, the question is...Whats wrong with putting your COMPLETE trust in the Lord? (i.e. Born Again) Not just some, ALL. And trusting in HIS finished work at the cross? Why can't some do that? What or who are you trusting in?

I ain't found anything or anyone yet with the answers to solving our worlds problems...but The Bible, the Living Word which is the complete manual for our answers.

Jeremiah 33:3
1 John 5:10-15
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