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What I believe is ....

People who have already accepted Christ need to go back and read the Old Testament. Until a believer in Christ has read what what God did in the Old Testament there is no way they can truly understand the reason God came into mankind as Jesus. Nor will they understand much of the symbolism in the New Testament.

The Roman Catholic Church witheld the Old Testament from their congregations because they wanted all of the understanding of the foundation of Christianity to be left to the Priests. In the last couple of decades they have made the Old Testament available to the congregations.

I know for myself I was raised in the Episcopal Church right up to my marriage and beyond. It was not until I attended an Assembly of God church, where the Old Testament was taught, that it started to dawn on me what the whole thing was about. It was then that I became a Born Again Christian. And since that time, with study, I discovered God's nature and my Christian faith suddenly had much more meaning...and Jesus Christ's passion became abundently clear.
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