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Several years ago I bought a 650 acre ranch and high fenced it. This property is all native South Texas brush and is very thick and dense. After killing 95% of the native deer I brought in both bucks and does with superior genetics to try and improve the quality of deer on the ranch and have had tremendous success. All of these deer were just turned loose in the 650 acres. The original bucks (3) and does (9) that I bought were turned loose with tags in their ears so we could identify them from any native deer that may have escaped our initial harvest. These 3 bucks are now beyond their prime breeding and antler growing years and contribute nothing to the ranch because now there are much better deer of prime breeding age. In your opinion would you pay to shoot a 150 to 160 class wild deer that happens to have a tag in his ear or should I just eliminate them from the property on my own? These deer are wild animals and difficult if not impossible to find except during the rut. It would be nice to recoup some of my investment if possible but I just want to know how other people feel about this before I make my descision. I am split right down the middle and can see both sides and would like to hear other peoples honest opinions without this turning into a high fence low fence, pen raised bashing issue.
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It would be nice to recover some of your initial investment. But let me ask you a question (and I hope I'm not being a smart a55); are you going to eventually kill your bucks (or attempt to kill them) when they in their prime? or wait until they spread their genes and kill them when they are in the 150 to 160 class?

I understand not pulling the trigger on your breeders until you build up your herd, but I know some people that have big deer, but they never shoot them until they are passed their prime, and consequently they don't have the inches of antler they once did...
PortATrout said:
...My big problem in the near future is controlling the numbers. I started with 12 deer 4 years ago and guess right now I have about 70 deer. Next year that number will increase dramatically. I don't have all of the answers but I am having a good time playing with this and watching the results. I am sure I will make all kind of mistakes along the way.
A whole lot of people wish they had your problems.
Good luck!
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