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Too much weed in the surf (friday night) so I decided to sit it out and wait for an incoming tide. In the mean time I decided to take a nap (12:30-ish), woke up about an hour later to see Krash's yak next to my truck, it didnt click at the time but I then relized my rod was set up in pvc about 100' out due to the low tide. I get up and no rod......HMMM (scratch my head) start looking around to see if anyone moved it, nope, told Krash about it, looked around with a light....nope walked the water with a spot light............nope well, I wanted to go back and sit in my truck and cry. I'd just lost my beach set up. Looked around in the morning for it but no sign. I was thinking of leaving last night I was heart broken.

If you saw it or know anyone who found a rod I would be indebt to the person to return it, I might be abke to spare 5 bux (snicker). Oh by the way, its a yellow eagle rod ~12' with a black Penn Longbeach FULL OF LINE. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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