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Work weekend on the lease (Alto, TX)

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Went out to the lease this weekend to check on the damage from Ike. Woke up Sat. & Sun. morning with 50 degree temps. Only had one feeder (mine) get crushed, but there were a LOT of big trees down. All of the feeders have been getting lots of action. The game camera we positioned near dad's feeder had a "memory card error" so we didnt get an pics off it (dammit). The wasps were especially bad this year. Every box blind and camper was infested. A lot of our roads and trails were obstructed by fallen trees, so we spent a lot of time clearing them with chainsaws so we could get through. After mowing, filling feeders, killing wasps, and minor camper repairs we are ready for 11/1...looks like it will be a good season!!! Will have plenty of fire wood.
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