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Wont be long now

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Heres a pic of a regular 2-cooler's deer but no names mentioned >>YET<< It'll be dry in about a week and hanging on his wall soon. WW


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That old buck sure has some nice scares!!!

I'll bet he was fighter...

How old was your deer John, my Bro said it had to be one of the most scared up buck he's done. Evidently Capt Forest did know how to cape a deer out UNLIKE a few others that said they did. WW
Wet Dreams the Capt aged him at 6.5 yrs...
he weighed 168 live and dressed 142

What you cannot see in these pictures is his whole brisket was almost void of hair from him rubbing it off somehow...
His hide had a neat deep brown coloration right there.....

I figured someone would ask about the tissue in the deers nose, so I cant say he had a runny nose. WW
Love the cape on that deer. Pretty much has every color a deer could have. Looks like a grizzled old veteran.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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