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Has anyone else gotten an e-mail offering two free WinZip upgrades?

"We are sending this message to let you know that WinZip 9.0 Service
Release 1 (SR-1) is now available. This is a maintenance release of
WinZip 9.0 containing important security-related fixes and improvements
to WinZip. We have also released a service release for the WinZip
Command Line Support Add-On.

As a registered user of WinZip, you are eligible to download the free
WinZip 9.0 SR-1 upgrade.

Please do not reply to this message, since it is coming from an
unmonitored e-mail account.

I always wonder if they are real when I get unexpected e-mail offers. If this is for real you can get the upgrades at:

You may download the WinZip 9.0 upgrade from the web page:


The WinZip Command Line Support Add-On 1.1 SR-1 can be downloaded from
the web page:


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Yes it is for real

there was a security flaw with MIME coded files. I did not know they were sending out notices, might be because I use Ultimate Zip, found here http://www.ultimatezip.com/

Basicly it is another buffer overflow situation. That makes me wonder if it is covered with the new XP SP2?
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