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If anyone has tried to get the latest updates and have not been able to do so, there might be a reason. Windows had a option to Automatic update, you could enable or disable theis option and get the downloads when you chose to take the time. Now Windows requires you to have the Automatic update enabled, just to even have a scan for tha latest updates.

So if you are running XP and want to update:
Go to Start, Run and type in "services.msc" (without quotes of course)
look at the top for Automatic Update, right click and click on properties.
A box should open and from there you can enable the option.

This will be a pain for some, Like me, I do not want all the updates they offer and I do not want to be bothered by the slow down on the connection speed everythime I connect and I do not want the pop ups telling me there are updates, ya so, I might miss out on a language update (I don't care to read or speak French or some other usless update to me like a tablet conversion).

So I guess I must suck it up and play their game. I will be sure to go back throught the process and diable that "option" after the updates are completed.

Sorry for the rant, but what a waste of time and just a little extra hassel.
BTW, I have not tested other versions of Windows but I'm sure they all follow suit.

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Auto update on my XP pc.

I found the same thing as you about the service "Automatic Updates". That must be there, and running before I can search for updates at all.

However, if I open Automatic Updates from Control Panel, on my pc it still is set to "Turn off Automatic Updates". This prevents XP from checking with Micro$oft except when I tell it to, or bothering me with the popups and network slowdowns when it does the checking.

This was a tough choice for Micro$oft to make, but overall, I think it best for most users. The default after SP2 is installed will be for this to be turned on to "Automatic". For a user that knows and cares nothing about security updates, this might help secure (well, as good as a MS OS can get... :) ) the pc's of millions of people who right now are probably infected with all sorts of junk that is causing problems for everyone that uses email or the internet.

If you know what the updates are for, and keep up with them, manual control is fine. Otherwise just let the pc update itself. It may be a whole lot safer that way.

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Just wait for the flood of questions

people will have after they install the SP2.
#1 so far is:
I can not connect to the internet.
I can not visit some pages.
I can not download any more.

Caused by the firewall or they way the browser blocks items and scripts. I agree something MUST be done after all the internet is only as secure as the weakest link. To me it still seems funny, If someone takes the time and goes to the windows update site to check for updates, then why would they need to have autoupdate enabled? Wouldn't the updates just be installed automatic? Therefore removing any need to go to the update site?
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