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Who's fishin' SPI this weekend 6/9-11

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I've got a college buddy coming down. We're going snapper fishing with Murphy on Friday and Sunday. He hasn't done this in a long time, so these will be good tune ups. Planning on going with Unbound a couple of times next week.

Forecast looks awesome again. Who's headed out or staying in?
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saturday for me,........ see what's shaking, then maybe more next week

are you sure you can get up early enough in the morning to go with Unbound?..... LOL!

(sorry Unbound!,.......... couldn't resist ;)

what're you doing saturday?
Unbound said:
My brother and nephew will be down for the weekend so I'll be taking them out. Wasn't planning to go deep but if the weather holds, I guess we'll have to run to the canyon. I wish 2wahoo were going with me. He's usually pounding on my door before my alarm goes off. But he's got company and I've got company and we won't all fit on my boat. Good luck Saturday.
well then, mr 2wahoo and'is buddy oughta go with me saturday, and we'll just meet up at the canyon

as it is, i don't have any help lined up for $aturday yet.......... i was thinking if i could get just one other person, then i'd maybe just putter out to east bank and keep expen$es down

2W, you listening?


you, your brother, and nephew would be welcome to join me.......... 3 on my boat is excellent........... but 4 would be just fine too (provided you and your brother get-along okay together ;)

you've seen my boat, no doubt it's slower'n your's, but it can 'get-r-done'

think about......... if either o'you have any interest, lemme know

a friend o'mine just dropped by and said he was gonna have one of'is dive buddies call me tonight.......... dunno this fellow/dunno what'e can afford

last sunday's 13hr canyon trip was $450 in fuel.......... not too bad, cuz all i did was get up on plane and ran hi-speed lures out to about the k-bouy before cuttin' back to trolling speed

that's was about 12/gph where i usually burn closer to 14 or 15/gph when i try to reduce the windshield time on the ride out that far
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2wahoo said:

Bummer, but I just can't make it Sat. My wife has things going on and while my 3.5 yr old son wants to go fishing, he's not quite ready for the fighting chair. Thanks for the offer though. We'll definitely have to try to set something up again.

Are you going to the social Friday? I plan on going. I'll try to remember my Unbound hat or a hat that says Per Lin. Another former club boat. Is it at Sea Ranch or Dirty Al's? This will be my first social this season. Looking forward to meeting you if you are there. First round is on me.
i was told dirty al's, but don't have a time

i plan on droppin' in though

i'll be wearing a white sport coat and a pink crustacean....................(lol!)

not really.......... i'll just go with a 'Makaira Mojo' t-shirt
Argo said:
Bill Fisher, I might be up for a trip on Sat if I can get out of here on time to be down there. How do you feel about a 6 y/o that has been out many times up to 50 miles? What time do you like to depart. I would drive down early Sat morning or friday night and meet up. Might be able to get one more adult also.
How do i feel about a 6 y/o?........ i'd prefer small bonito or spanish mac's for marlin bait, but bring whatcha got! ;)

might be good fer sharkin'......... LOL!

just kiddin'......... he/she(?) is more'n welcome

i don't think i have a 'youth' life jacket, so i'd need to know if you'd be bringing one or i can prolly borrow one

as-far-as departure, depends on how long/far out y'all wanna fish......
i'm happy to base trips on contribution$ by paying my share and/or more if i wanna fish longer than the contributor$, (provided they have the time)

if you could lemme know as-soon-as-you-can, that'd be great..........
and of course, another adult'd be fine too

i assume lure-trolling for 'whatever' is okay w/y'all
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Instigator said:
Good luck guys. I'll be thinkin of all the real fish you're battling while I subdue some critters with one spot, some with more spots and and a few flatties.
so that wuz your commitment this weekend.........

some other time, and best o'luck!
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