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I got this fron the Colorado gun collectors site. When I read it I thought WOW, thats it! I thought I would share with the rest of you.

Who is a gun collector?
A gun collector is a judge, doctor, carpenter, engineer, farmer, teacher, truck driver. He is all these and more... He is a husband, father, provider, home owner, church goer. He is a taxpayer, a voter, a citizen... He believes in the constitution, in our laws, and he obeys them. He is a patriot, a veteran, a civil servant... He is a student of history. He is helping to preserve America's traditions. He is a keeper of things significant to our country's heritage... He believes in his collection as works of art and examples of master craftsmanship... He is the man next door, the man in the city, the man on the farm. He is thousands of law-abiding Americans who believe in the rights of the individual as well as the rights of the majority. That's who he is, the gun collector of America.
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