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who has power?

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I'm still up in Dallas and my answering machine still doesn't answer so I don't think I have power by Camp Mohawk SE of Alvin on the 35. The sub-division I live in has a private water company so no power means no water either.

Who has power? I'm trying to find a hotel closer than this that we can base out of until the power comes back on at home. A friend has done a drive-by and said it looks like my house is OK but I know I have some trees down and can't say for sure the roof isn't leaking. I'd sure like to get home to get things started.

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Samich2000 said:
Power up in somea areas of clear lake. Parts of Pine Brook, Bay Oaks and Middlebrook have power. Parents in Brook Forest-still no go.
Also heard that Clear Lake subdivision of Bay Pointe has power. As of 5:00PM today, Bay Glen does not have power.

Please post any additional Clear Lake updates if you have any info,
My brother is in League City and just called to say he had power. He is located on 518 between 45 and Bay Area Blvd.
Please don't come back yet as stated. Hardly any gas stations have gas or ice!
IMBIT2 said:
My brother is in League City and just called to say he had power. He is located on 518 between 45 and Bay Area Blvd.
Thanks!! We're going to wait as long as possible but I'm ready to get back.
work for a co-op in Meridian Tx. will be heading down to Crockett Tx.to help out we where told to expect to be gone 7 to 10 day then we would change out crews if needed
IMBIT2 said:
My brother is in League City and just called to say he had power. He is located on 518 between 45 and Bay Area Blvd.
Good to hear that TNMP is getting things running.

My place is on 528 between Bay Area Blvd and 518 in Friendswood.
My friends house in Friendswood Lakes just got power.
We just heard that we're back on (Wilderness Trails-Friendswood). I'd wait to return but I'm needed at he college. ACC has some bad damage, especially the library.

God Bless!
We live 5 miles North of Angleton, corner of CR 45 & CR 48 , never lost power.
Phone line is dead and have a couple down trees and some minor roof damage etc., but all was well when we returned from Austin this afternoon.
does anyone live in the Fairways Apartments in League City on 2094 by any chance and can post up if they have power? Any info would help thanks MM
<--lives in the fairways and I've not been able to get any solid information. We called the office number and didn't get anywhere. I do know the animal clinic across the street didn't flood of course I think it's on higher ground than the apartments. I'm on the 3rd floor but all of my fishing stuff is in the garage. Even if I lose it all it's nothing compared to what a lot of people have lost. Let me know if you hear anything solid Marsh and I'll do the same.
No Power The Woodlands 77381. I here some crazy stuff about weeks for ours.
Live between Angleton and West Columbia and no power. Phone service came back about 8:00PM Sunday evening.
westover park...league city...is good to go.
Kenner heading back tomorrow and If you want to PM me your number I can call you when I get there and let you know. Thanks for the info I dont think the apartments flooded or at least I hope not. The only thing I am worried about is my work truck I left behind.
Just heard the fairways and the moorings both have power.
We have power in Santa Fe Trails Subdivision. Got it back about 8PM last night !
Anyone catch the argument between the Entergy spokesman and the KHOU guy? Bottom line, it sounded like it would be Tuesady before Entergy even had a good assesment of where all the problems were.
No power in La porte but they have power in deerpark.
I have the feeling that the outlying areas and suburbs are getting power back first. I'm sure most areas inside the loop will be the last to get power back.
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