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who has power?

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I'm still up in Dallas and my answering machine still doesn't answer so I don't think I have power by Camp Mohawk SE of Alvin on the 35. The sub-division I live in has a private water company so no power means no water either.

Who has power? I'm trying to find a hotel closer than this that we can base out of until the power comes back on at home. A friend has done a drive-by and said it looks like my house is OK but I know I have some trees down and can't say for sure the roof isn't leaking. I'd sure like to get home to get things started.

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i have talked to three people in texas city today and power is very slowly coming back. it seems to be sporadic, but certain parts of western texas city between 25th street and 146 has power back.
Any word on South Shore Harbor/League City ??
Verified true.
Stuart said:
I have heard Pecan Lakes subdivision in Lake Jackson has at least some power.
Power up in somea areas of clear lake. Parts of Pine Brook, Bay Oaks and Middlebrook have power. Parents in Brook Forest-still no go.
We got our power back in Houston yesterday. Only a few houses had power. I had to go back up to College Station for school tomorrow though.
I have power in cyfair

I live in Wortham Estates in cyfair off hwy 290 I have electricty since 2;00 pm today
I'm in West Oaks in Pearland and we got power back last night at 11:00 PM. Thank God and Centerpoint for a short outage. I hope all of you are doing well considering.
Our neighbors just closed on a house on the San Bernard last week. They have graciously invited us to stay with them there. We will probably pull out of Corsicana Monday morning and set up down there. At least we will be close so we can start cleaning up while waiting for the power to come back on.
I felt so bad. Just found out my neighbor across the street 200ft has no power, but we do. Crazy. So he didn't want to impose but I insisted. We ran water hose to connect to his house and a extension cord to power the fridge and fans. I just moved in this house and this storm has let me meet most of my neighbors.
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Parts of League City near 96 and I-45 are back on.

Still 100% outage here in Friendswood. :(
i bailed and came to SA this afternoon. just talked to my mom in webster and her power came back on at 6:25. my house in league city off walker and reynolds area is still not on, but the houses south of beaumont and reynolds are.
Just heard Clute has power on. Please verify before you return.
Most of Southwest Houston has power. Most of memorial area does not have power. Calling you home answering machine and getting a recording is a good sign. We nver lost residential phone service. I used our old rotary phone to call people.
Part of Sweeny got power last night and most of the rest of town was suppose to be up today.

People don't come back yet if you can wait another day. There are way too many coming back to the area and still don't have power. Plus it will allow releaf supplies to get into the area. It is also a good idea to be sure and bring supplies back with you when you return cause stores are limited.
Needville got power back last night as well - a lot of people coming back down hwy 36 right now!
Folks just got power back in Angleton around 7:00 pm. They live off Old Clute Rd.

Just got power at our home in Pecan Grove
Downtown lumberton has power, but most if not all of the golden triangle is without!
ne tx is getting it back, got ours hour ago.
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