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who has power?

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I'm still up in Dallas and my answering machine still doesn't answer so I don't think I have power by Camp Mohawk SE of Alvin on the 35. The sub-division I live in has a private water company so no power means no water either.

Who has power? I'm trying to find a hotel closer than this that we can base out of until the power comes back on at home. A friend has done a drive-by and said it looks like my house is OK but I know I have some trees down and can't say for sure the roof isn't leaking. I'd sure like to get home to get things started.

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I have heard Pecan Lakes subdivision in Lake Jackson has at least some power.
Our neighbors just closed on a house on the San Bernard last week. They have graciously invited us to stay with them there. We will probably pull out of Corsicana Monday morning and set up down there. At least we will be close so we can start cleaning up while waiting for the power to come back on.
Folks just got power back in Angleton around 7:00 pm. They live off Old Clute Rd.
Anyone catch the argument between the Entergy spokesman and the KHOU guy? Bottom line, it sounded like it would be Tuesady before Entergy even had a good assesment of where all the problems were.
1 - 4 of 79 Posts
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