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Statement as of 3:29 PM CST on December 01, 2009

... Possible winter weather event on Friday for southeast Texas...

An upper level disturbance is expected to move across Texas and
into southeast Texas on Friday. Much colder air will also filter
into the region during the day as this disturbance moves over the
area. Strong lift associated with the disturbance will combine
with enough moisture and cold air so that winter precipitation
will be possible across southeast Texas during the day Friday.
Precipitation will possibly start as rain but change to snow
during the day as temperatures fall. This scenario remains rather
uncertain since there is still some question as to when the
disturbance moves over the region and how much moisture will be
available for wintry precipitation. Forecasters will continue to
monitor forecast data and make changes as necessary. Residents of
southeast Texas are encouraged to monitor the forecast and look
for updates concerning the winter weather threat.

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well lets see Ive lived on the coast 20 years now and it snowed 3 times.

first time i had left the day befor to visit my folks for christmas.

second time I was in New Orleans for christmas.

last year i was offshore working.

As of now i plan on being here friday, so it wont happen!!

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Is anybody saying if the roads will be iced over or is it going to be like the last time that it was actually snowed?

The reason that I ask is that my wife will be at work and she gets out at 6 p.m. when they are saying it is going to be snowing.

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I'm in Ft Worth right now and it looked like a blizzard here this morning. Another front is moving thru here Friday and WILL make it to SE Texas. Guess I'll just delay my return until it warms up.
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