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Where to take my mom fishing. HELP PLEASE!

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My mom is coming to stay for a day or two so I can take her fishing since she doesnt get to go very often. I was just wondering where would be a good place to take her right now. She doesnt wade or anything so it will be directly from the bank, anything will help just want to put my mom on a few fish. Oh yeah, I am in the Freeport area but willing to go wherever need be to get my mom on some fish. Thanks and tight lines
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I have a real soft place for moms and am looking at taking my mom next time she is in Houston.

I don't think better money can be spent than hiring a good guide that will take care of everything for y'all. It would be a memory of a lifetime for her.

Provide some details about your mom (age, physical ability, fishing knowledge, what would really make her happy on a day trip) and I am sure some 2Cool guides will make it very memorable for you both.

I will watch this thread for ideas when my mom is back next spring. She would love a fishing trip.
Where is Capt. Jenn? She would be a good one.
fishing from teh bank or without a boat is tough. But no doubt this time of year you need to take her to seawolf park. buy some 3/8th oz jigheads and 5 inch gulps at academy and slowly drag them on teh bottom in any place you can around seawolf and you should find some flounder. That is your very best bet or go to the freeport jetties with some shrimp. You can also try san luis pass and get as close to teh bridge as possible and throw those gulps and there may be soem flounder there also. However I would go to seawolf/ good luck and post a report and let us know how you did
I fished Sea Wolf park all this weekend. It's a great place to bring none fishermen/women.. Plenty of Flounder!! Caught about 2 dozen this weekend.... If you have any questions blog me.....

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