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What's The smallest boat you've seen 25 miles out?

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I have a small 18 ft flat bottom we took out about 10miles last week we were to scared to go any farther. The water was smooth as glass caught lots of sharks but nothing worth keeping. I just wonder what how much larger a boat I need to buy to go out about 25-30 miles and get into some bigger fish. Or maybe i'm just a **** fool for even thinking about that kind of trip in a bay boat what do you think?
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i won't say what or how big but i have seen some very small boats more than 40 miles offshore. most of these boats are probably towed to the coast by bass fishermen with a sense of adventure. at one time i was one of those who judgement was a little suspect. i am still here to talk about it and it did make me move fom the lakes to the seas after a few not so nice rides in thunderstorms...rick
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