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What's The smallest boat you've seen 25 miles out?

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I have a small 18 ft flat bottom we took out about 10miles last week we were to scared to go any farther. The water was smooth as glass caught lots of sharks but nothing worth keeping. I just wonder what how much larger a boat I need to buy to go out about 25-30 miles and get into some bigger fish. Or maybe i'm just a **** fool for even thinking about that kind of trip in a bay boat what do you think?
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Honestly, there is a lot of drama in this "go out in a bay boat with a single engine and you will die" stuff. If you plan it correctly and use your head you will be fine. I do admit that there is a risk but again, use your head! I fish out of a 24' bay boat with a single Yamaha 225 HP engine every chance I get. Just a few things to remember...

1) Over maintain your engine and boat.
2) Always file a float plan and a time of return with someone you can count on.
3) Invest in Tow Boat US insurance as to not screw up anyone elses day if you do have engine trouble.
4) SAT phones are worth it!
5) Do not overcrowd the boat.
6) Invest in good PFD's.
7) Carry an extra prop, filters, tools, oil, plugs, etc. If your boat can not carry these items...it is too small.
8) Know your range.
9) Buddy boats are a good idea...always!
10) Carry a first aid kit.
11) Have a good radio but remember the line of sight rule!
12) High Pressure is king!
13) Leave the beer at home...drink lots of water!

Just a few thoughts...

Even the smaller bay boats are more seaworthy than some of the boats that most people went offshore in 15-20 years ago.

Next time I have to loan some guy in a 31 ft. fountain a gallon of oil, I will be sure to post up...happy to do it but come on!
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