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whataburger combinations

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i think there slogan is 1000's of combinations
i was in there the other day and the guy in front of me ordered his burger with

-the bun grilled on both sides (it makes the burger twice as good) trust me
i already new about grilled and non grilled Jalapenos
so what other non advertised posibilitys do you know of
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I went to their website to find out more about cutting out fat and other "bad" stuff (yeah, I know, its a hamburger but I still like them).

Here's what I do: regular WB, no bun oil (they put grease on the bun before warming it-eliminates a bunch of calories), no onions, substitute wheat bun for white bun. Sometimes I ask for small wheat bun for the regular WB (cuts out more calories and reduces carbs).

Did ya know if you're above 55 WB gives you a free soft drink? Ask for a "Senior drink" and they'll give you a cup for a free soda. BTW, you don't have to buy anything to get that. (and they don't ask for ID to prove your age, you gotta look like you qualify!).

Now this isn't a burger but I love "BOB Rancheros". That's a Breakfast on a Bun (BOB) with sauage patty (you can get bacon if desired), cheese (I eliminate that-fat & calories), egg fried with fresh japs (oh, that's so good) on a wheat bun. Oh, and they put a ranchero sauce on the bun. That will wake you up for breakfast! It's my favorite when traveling to start early to get outa Houston, then stop for a restroom break, get a BOB Ranchero and decaf coffee and hit the road again.

I regularly hit WB at least once a week, sometimes 2 times. Wife & I usually get 2 WB's, no onions, no bun oil, wheat bun plus 2 Senior drinks. Usually runs $5.28 (sometimes a few pennies more/less depending on sales tax). We don't do fries anymore (fried, salt & carbs).
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#1 w/Cheese, grilled jalaps/onions, extra mustard on a toasted wheat bun, no bun oil and a large Diet DP...

When I'm not in the mood to repeat myself 5 times and confirm that they got it right, I'll just get a #5 on a wheat bun with a jalap on the side... and same drink
Have you guys seen the people cooking these burgers? Go to HEB and buy your own meat and cook it the way you like and top it off with what you want.
Slayer-o-Ling said:
Have you guys seen the people cooking these burgers? Go to HEB and buy your own meat and cook it the way you like and top it off with what you want.
LOL, Your prolly right there but after a long day on the water it sure can hit the spot.
I don't much difference in the people at HEB vs. Whataburger.

Man, you guys have done gone off and made me hungry.

I've never heard of the bun toasted on both sides. I'll have to try that. Are they going to look at me crazy when I ask them to do that?

I've been meaning to order a burger on Texas Toast. I'm not a fan of patty melts, but I've wanted to try a regular burger that way.

And in terms of price, I don't know where the $10 figure comes from, but my meals usually run 5 to 7 bucks, depending on whether or not I get a #1 or a #2. If you start What-A-Sizing and all that it gets expensive. But a plain old #1 regular sized will run you about $5.69 with extra mustard and jalapenos.
haparks said:
sorry guys when i saw one of their combo meals for a burger fries and a drink was 10 bucks i almost pased out--my dad told me when he was a kid u could get 6 hamburgers for .25 cents--whata price for whacha get is my name for them--or maybe im just poor and cheap
There food is good, however they charge way to much. Maybe its to pay for all the commercials they run...
fastpitch said:
I don't much difference in the people at HEB vs. Whataburger.
Maybe you need to move out of the hood. My local HEB butcher is awesome. He throws in extras for the dogs to boot. Try that at your favorite Wata-ever.
I keep it farily simple with a #5 and a few variations, but after a hard night on the town I noticed a buddy standing at the end of the line with a determined look on his face. I gave him a *** look and he said just wait I am going to blow your mind.

He did:
Triple meat, triple cheese, triple bacon, grilled onions, onion rings, grilled jap, a third bun, ketchup on every level, buns toasted both sides, all the way, whatasize with onion rings and a pie. I probably missed some things. It was huge. Ate the whole thing. Recipt was a foot long and it was like 18 bucks. Wow.
Thats funny right there.... I'm sure a late night Whataburger clerk has seen it all...
Man, with all this talk about burgers, I had to go get me one....

I just came back from Rosnosky's...double/double and onion rings, YUM !!! :tongue:

(the line was too long at the Whataburger near my office)
Whataburger Jr. Double Meat Double Cheese, Bacon, grilled jalepenos. Smaller bun tastier meat. Mayo, no mustard, no tomato
Whatabuger with cheese on a toasted wheat bun, xxxxxx pickles, xxxxxxx onions, xxxxxxx tomatoes, xxxxxx lettuce, add sliced japalones, and extra mustard.

With fries and a large DP. No katchup on the fries, just salt and pepper.

Ok....#2 w/cheesse no pickle, no tomato, sliced jalapenos.....mmmmmmmmm Goooood!!! 36,850 ways to say whataburger
Took me a while but here ya go..........

36,864 = 2^12 x 3^2, so that means there are twelve items that can either be included or not included, and three items that can be included in two different ways.

Twelve options to be included or not included:
Bun (yes, some people cut the bun...Atkins diet!)
Grilled Onions
Extra Vegetables

Two options of three choices
One patty, two patties, or three patties
No cheese, one slice of cheese, or two slices of cheese
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Triple meat, triple cheese, Mayo, ketchup, pickles only. Don't need any rabbit food. Whatasized fries and a DP
I'll never get out-whataburgered again after this thread!
I rarely eat fast food, but when I do its almost without fail at Whataburger (only other place is Sonic). Never had them grill the buns, that would be a nice addition to my simple favorite: Bacon cheeseburger, with lettuce, onion, and tomato.

Now I am craving Whataburger...its been quite a while
I said it before and I'll say it again. #5 with onion rings and a Dr. Pepper, and whatasize it. I will start asking for grilled japs, onions, and buns after this thread.
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