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What years did Johnson motors have problems?

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Was thinking it was the late 90's? Anyone have a better scope? Thanks
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docjay has posted the most accurate info so far. It was the early, small V6 engines that were problems; '97-99 150/175 hp. The early big V6's 200/225 hp were good but there was some issue with the gearcase. That was updated in 2001 I think. In 2002 when BRP took over just about all of the motors were as problem free as anything else on the market.

Some have not had major issues with the early motors and you'll always have a few lemons for any motor. Give Anderson Marine in Bay City a call and they will tell you more if you want it. Jim is a good guy and he's on the board here as 'andmar'. I bought my 2001 200 FICHT from him in '03 and have had good luck with it. Always get great service there too.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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