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What years did Johnson motors have problems?

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Was thinking it was the late 90's? Anyone have a better scope? Thanks
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LOL...everyone has different figures. Regrdless, I cant imagine buying a ficht motor in that year range period. Why, when you can get a different brand motor that doesn't have such a bad rep? I understand many are still on the water today with never a problem, but unless you are getting one for a really smokin deal why chance it? I recently bought a Johnson '99 150 60 degree carbed motor. I wanted fuel injection, but for what I was wanting to spend couldn't find a good one in my price range (with the exception of all the ficht motors on the used market). My thinking is that they are there cheap for a reason, and those motors have a bad rep for a reason. Thousands of people didn't just start making up stories about them. May get bombed for it, but that's my .02... :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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