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What camera are you using?
I shoot 300mm with a 1.7 TC which gives me 510mm reach.

The main issue with this lens and the TC17 is the AF speed since the aperture drops to f/6.7. Contrast is lower, sharpness is down a bit. Of course, since my combination became really slow, I have to use ISO800 or 1600 all too often to keep decent shutter speeds, which also does not help with the quality.
Instead of spending 6K for a 200-400mm lens I've decided to go this route. No regrets. I just have to work a little harder on steadiness and a little more sharpening in PS.


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Capt Chris,
There are a few boards that you could check out for some quality used equiptment.
One is Fred Miranda, Prof shooters that often have some items for sale
And POTN, Mostly canon items but Nikon does show from time to time
And Texas Photo Forum, local texas folks with a classified.
Also is B&H, Very good place for camera equiptment, has a used section as well. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/ A majority of my equiptment came from there.
When ya get it, besure and post a few to see.
Hope this helps,

Looking for a 200-400 lens to shoot duck action over the decoys. Any help on used or new information would be great.

Captain Chris Martin
Bay Flats Lodge, Inc.
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