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What is a fishing guide to do on his day off

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Myself and two other Old Geezer buddies of mine, Ronny and Sidney, took advantage of the weather and a day off for me. We boated 75 really nice size channel cats by 11:45 am and left em biting.

Weldon Kirk

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The older I get, the less old geezers look like old geezers.

Great job, hope you had fun!
Those are mighty fine channel cats, ya got some young boys to clean em?lol.
I cleaned two coolers, ended up with 4 1/2 gallons fo fillets, gonna have some tonight.
That is an awesome mess of the best eating catfish. They are good sized channels, we very rarely catch one of any size on Livingston. You are probablly too fast cleaning them Obie, slow down to an average mans pace and you can stay even with them, just kidding around.
4 and half gallons of fillets is a great catch for 3.
Shadslinger, the 4 1/2 gallons of fillets came from two of the three coolers, the other cooler went home with one of the other guys, so I would imagine we had about 6 3/4 gallons of fillets, and you are right that is catching some nice fish for 3 people in a morning.

weldon kirk

I'm a little behind, what lake was that!Any other tidbits would be nice.As soon as the last power is on im going fishing.Going back to reg. time mon.Texas New Mexico is 100% on wohoo 156 hrs. ot 80 hrs reg. 14 days[im tired].
Looks like Weldon gotem again. Nice fish, good job.
This lake was Fayette county Lake. Fish were mostly in 8-10 foot water, some as deep as 20 ft, all caught on SureShot punch bait. Fish should be cranking up in most lakes now that the water is cooling down from summer time highs.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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