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What Happened?!

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Hope someone can help me. I use AOL on my laptop (XP) and recently when logging in I was asked by AOL to set up security password--required. Now when I login from the desktop I have to unhook the modem connection and plug it back in for it to "kick" into the dial mode. Of course I have not received any information from AOL as to why. I'm perplexed as to why this happened.
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Three questions...do you use a high-speed connection on your laptop sometimes (LAN, cable, DSL, etc.) and do you have a VPN client on your laptop? Also, is your modem external or internal, and if external, is it a USB modem?
No to LAN, cable, DSL and VPN. Strictly a dial-up internal modem Question: Could the latest security updates for Windows have anything to do with it? I'm asking because all of a sudden I now also have a login window on the desktop where I never had one before.
Spur - I would have to take a look at it to see exactly what is going on, but it sounds like you might have two instances of AOL on your machine. I would uninstall AOL completely (except for your shared folder with email, favorites, etc.) then reinstall it. Also, check in the Control Panel under Network to see how many dialup connections are there. If there is more than one, remove them both and go back through the new hardware setup wizard.
Just wondering

did you get that notice in an email? If so, might be a spoof
ShadMan. . .I think you are right about the 2 instances of AOL. I found out this morning when I went to make a phone call the line was busy. Had to unhook the phone line from my laptop in order to get the phone to work. Thanks, will try your suggestion.
Bill. . .no it wasn't in an email. . .it came on as a separate screen with the AOL logo, etc. and it explains that you have to create a security password. It gives you a chance to do it later and if you click on that, the next time you login you have to do it otherwise you are booted back to desktop. And, you have to do it on every ID you have. I'm using version 9.0 on the laptop but 5.0 on the Pentium II PC with windows 98. That one has not requested the security password.
OK, was just a thought.

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