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As we were coming in 290 tonight, it was pretty obvious something in the Houston area just wasn't right. After watching the Weather Channel, and local Dallas news, I just wasn't really prepared for the...darkness.

Somewhere around 290 and Telge, it got dark. Just before that, people seemed to be everywhere, businesses were bustling, a gas station or two were really crowded. Then it got dark.

All the way in 290, then north around 610, onto I-45 towards downtown, out I-10, across Beltway 8 to I-45 and down towards League City, nothing but darkness with just a splattering of lights here and there and one or two gas stations open with loong lines.

Oh, I saw an open station at 610 and Ella with a long line.

I've been through Carla as a young fellow, worked the night shift at the plant during Alicia, ran from Rita and now from Ike. I'd like to have another 25 years hurricane free, how about you?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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