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Well for those who haven't heard, I "adopted" this lil one after she was tossed out of a car from some one fleeing Katrina.

She wound up under a neighbor's front porch, trapped by his 3 large hunting dogs. My boss' wife decided I needed something in my house other than beer and fishing gear, so SHE decided I would be the "adopter".

I almost called this one "poot" instead of what her name is now "Gracie" - don't know what she had been living on - but every time she moved - well lets just say - she could clear a room better than a drunk after eating greasy bacon and hard boiled eggs.

Needless to say - the past year, I have trained her well - I have told her what she can and cannot do, what "toys" are hers and what are mine - she patiently watches and listens to me - and then does what she wants -

Atleast she decided to be an Astros fan!

Not the best pics - but taken on the "fly"

BTW - I'm not a slob - the pile of clothes next to the TV were on the way to Goodwill


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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