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What a day...

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Woke up this morning feeling good. Fixed a special breakfast for Lynne and I. We decided yesterday, to go to the Bike Rally in Galveston, so after breakfast we headed towards Galveston on Blue Water Highway. On the way towards SLP bridge, we saw several groups of bikers heading away from Galveston. There were large groups and small groups and singles heading our way. Lynne and I just about the same time said "It looks like things are breaking up." At that point, we turned onto the beach. After wadeing around a bit, we drove back to the house to dress for the beach. We grabbed the mini weber and a pack of hot dogs and some drinks and headed back out to the beach. The weather was perfect...kind of hazy...nice breeze...and a clean beach.

We jumped out of the truck and headed for the water. Man o man what a blast. Lynne and I haven't had this much fun for many a moon. I felt like I was 20 years younger...even though it was a bit rough, I did a bit of surfing. What a total rush. Now I am not a surfer...I am my own surfboard...I was body surfing and was enjoying every wave I caught. They weren't big and the ride wasn't long, but to feel the force of the wave propell one through the water was exilerating.

My timing was a bit off and on several waves, so I took off a bit late. What was really cool about it was when the wave pulled you over the top and down the wall. What an awesome feeling to feel the force of Mother Nature push you along. Lynne said she saw flashes of me 20 years ago with the kids. The same grin when I caught a good wave then was present today. Poor Lynne got battered around some today...2 to 3 foot surf is a bit much if your are just barely 5 foot tall...(I was going to make some kind of comment about WJ, but decided against it...LOL)

We then rested a bit and then put the dogs on the grille. After getting our fill of dogs on the beach, we just wondered around for a bit, looking for shells and whatnot...

It was such a wonderful day spent with my beautiful bride of 29 years...everything was great...the temperature of the air and water, the sun, the fun...We both felt like we were in our 20's again...just thought I would share or wonderful day with my TTMB family...VIC
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Jack one good thing about living on Bolivar I can do that every night.
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