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sat Aug 29 ,2004 went to west bay and got in the water late at 8am because they were out of shrimp and my friend was late again. tried every corner using live

shrimp and mud minnow ,fished with float and fished on the bottom with no luck even though we had 2 tides back to back , lack of real current and wind may have been the reason . about 2pm the rain came and so did a water spout about 5 miles tall and near us , I was ready to beach the boat any where I could and just

try to be on land as soon as possible. well good thing this tornado was gone in 2 min and I did not have to beach the boat. well we finally gave up on specks and reds and focused on sand trout and croaker and we caught some jumbo size

fish using cut bait fishing on the bottom with lots of hang ups to deal with. we even caught a red on fresh dead croaker , my friend was happy at last.

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