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click on links below to watch the video- I was alone so the video is not that great. hard to be the cameraman and the fisherman at the same time.

06/21/06 I woke up at 5 am and kept looking at the tide chart and live radar for rain . It was 7am and I was too chicken to go out with the possibility of storm. However the tide was just too good for the day. Low at 10am and high at noon with both being a major tide. So I decided to go to west bay and stay near the land. It was 10am when I realized getting bait was going to be a challenge since bait shops were closed pas three days due to bad weather. 6am is what I was hoping to start fishing according to my plan a day earlier but it was 10am and fish was on. Caught 8 keeper trout from 10am till 11:30 am . Continued fishing different parts of west bay and released 4 reds at 18inch and many small trout . High light was when I possibly hooked a jack at the bridge and had my line break off at the spool because I bought some high dollar latest tech in mono advertisement. Line was not under tension when I gave out . It was broken when it was reel in and out of the spool. You should have heard me scream . Nano Technology my *** . All fish were caught using pop and cork . I also caught a blue at the bridge. Enclosed is some video taken by me while getting the fish in . the date on camera is wrong or i am writing to you from the future.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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