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Wednesday-Despite having just returned from Port O'Connor on Monday I couldn't resist the forecast of a light ESE. I waded in @ 6:15 hurling my trusty SKW and was greeted by a light ENE and a high tide with 10-12" of clarity. I proceeded to work the edge of a flat and didn't get a blow-up until 7:30. Still determined I kept working it and picked up a stout 24" red. Keying on nervous bait, I c/r'ed 7 reds with four keepers ranging from 22-27". With each bruiser red that tested my drag I was praying to see a flash of silver instead. But up until 10:00 I had only managed 7 trout from 13-17". Working back I had a massive blowup in about knee deep water that I swore I saw pink/silver. Sure enough, with each drag stripping run she was shaking her head. I gingerly play her out and hoist her up; 27.5" on the Rod Rul-r and thick! I debated as to stringing her for the 700 yard wade back to the truck for the scale and camera phone but I really didn't want to kill her. With one already on the wall, I figured she was a good 7.5-8 lbs and slid her back. She was gorgeous. Hopefully, Ike won't tear things up too much and I hope ya'll stay safe and tight lines.
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