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Couldn't take it yesterday afternoon and headed down to Tiki and ran out in West Bay. Little breeze out of South when arrived. Hit the spoil banks on southside of ICW and tangled with a rat red or two on gold spoons. Tide was ripping pretty good.

Headed over to some shallow reefs around 5 and found a few trout. Nailed a FAT 27 incher right before that North wind started to howl. It got nasty around 5:30 or 6 with wind blowing 20+ out of the North. After wind started, I managed a couple more small trout (one more keeper). Headed in around 6:30 or so, made it hard to fish with the wind. Water in West Bay, held pretty clean despite the wind.

My dad is back out in West Bay this morning after seeing the fish I caught yesterday. Will post up if he finds any fish this morning.


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