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I had a 2cooler and his two sons on my boat today for a west bay trip where they were mainly interested in learning the way around and trying some of the more common spots for trout, reds and flatties.

We hit VP/Campbells early with ZERO luck... No birds to speak of in the area, and not much bait. There were a few folks running around and an SCB FLYING around lol.

Next we hit N Deer and confederate.. There were alot of boats in these area's too and it didnt look like anyone was doing much. We had a few dinks over in the area and that was it.

We over and drifted Meacoms and picked up 4 trout. Then we headed down the south shoreline to look at a few coves. Got do Dana and it was covered up with kayaks, so we decided not to bother them and headed over to drift by Carancahua reef with only a few sheepies to show for it.

Stop by a few more spots and had a few more dink trout, 1 slot red and a few bites.

ALL in all it was VERY SLOW day for us.. We were using shrimp under midcoast corks and KFMs. I sure hope someone knocked em dead today.It was a beautiful day.. Thanks to Harry and Sons.

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